Monday, May 15, 2006

Saved My Soul

Gospel doctrine teacher asked the class what we have in our homes to remind us of the Lord, gospel, scriptures, etc (Lest we forget). Many hands were raised. And many people commented on the pictures of Christ, temples, prophets, etc. that they have in their home. And it got to the point of being pretty ridiculous. Seriously, a battle of who is more righteous because they have a picture of Christ in every room, or of President Hinckley on both sides of the bed so it's the first thing they see in the morning, or a picture of Jesus in the bathroom, and the hall, and over the tv, and who listens to hymns rather than just classical music on Sundays......until curly haired boy in the back raised his hand and proudly reported that his doorbell rings we thank thee oh god for a prophet. And that actually, his phone ringtone is the same. Teacher says "No way! How'd you do that?", curly haired boy, "I didn't, I was kidding."

I was going to mention that my Sunday listening usually consists og Johnny Cash' gospel collection. But didnt.

Good times.

And congrats to pregnant Nina who got a 30g ipod for Mother's Day.

Maybe it's about time I had kids.....or at least stuffed my shirt circa May.


Rachel said...

I would definitely stuff your shirt. I got a rice cooker.

christina said...

We returned the ipod. I was sick over it. It was so much money, and I knew I wouldn't make it worthwhile. I think we are going to get a videocamera instead.

Sarita said...

So when did you turn into Mrs. Practicality? But good for you dear. And enjoy the videocamera if you indeed purchase it.

CJ said...

I taught the same lesson as a substitute and, sensing the deterioration of the lesson into a "I have more Mormon Kitsch than you do." (Kitsch: The term is also used more loosely in referring to any art that is pretentious or in bad taste, and also commercially produced items that are considered trite or crass. wikipedia)...I focused on the ancient / modern Jews. More precisely, the parts of the lesson scriptures that are found reproduced thousands or more times worldwide and placed inside phylacteries,(Hebrew: tefillin) the little, leather boxes strapped to the forheads and arms of many more orthodoxed worshipers and the more commonly used Mezuzah (Hebrew) attached to the "doorposts" or entry area to jewish homes. Then with passing reference to whether we have one or 50 pictures of the savior in our homes according to our own taste for such thing, we concentrated on the fact that the sacrament and temple worship have been introduced since by Christ as the primary means of our remembering Him and his Gospel. (But before I got there , there were a couple of people that appeared nervous I was concentrating too much on the Jews and volunteered to read scriptures about Christ...a good segue into the end of the lesson, actuaally. (I shudder to think what they would have done had I succeeding in my original plan which was to invide a real Rabbi to to teach the first half of the lesson as a guest instructor. I did reach one but couldn't pull it off. By the way did you know they answer their phones with "Shalom"? I really felt bad we did not properly promote the purchase of more pictures of LDS missionaries with white shirts and name tags harvesting do people explain that to their non LDS friends I wonder?

Sarita said...

I love you.