Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I am lacking in my photographic spanish vocab. Grossly.

Took pictures of a chilean bride this weekend, and found out just how much. We managed, but my brain hurt by the end.

I am learning just how much I have to learn in regards to photography. I get by, but yeah, have been coasting for quite some time. No worries. It's exciting really. To have so much ahead of me that I can learn and explore. A little daunting at times, but exciting.

And I dusted of my dear Franklin planner that goes into retirement every now and then. Life suddenly got very busy and I found myself in need of it's assistance. I was so proud of myself until I looked at my schedule yesterday and saw that my priorities consisted of redeeming a FREE MEAL! at Cafe Rio and watching the Prison Break season finale with my roommate.

At least I have priorities.


Manda said...

Dearest Sarah-
I have just read much of your blog and have concluded that you are quite entertaining. Particularly when one is stuck in a cubicle in much need of entertainment.

PS. I especially enjoy the "chommenting". Ingenious.

Sarita said...

Glad to be of service Mandy! Really I'm just a little bit crazy.

christina said...

ahem...I believe CHOMMENT was invented by ME. Are you trying to steal my brains, sarah?

Sarita said...

There is no try, dear sister, only do.

Daniel said...

Congrats on the wedding photos, Sarita! Have you posted them anywhere for us to see? I'd love to see some.

Sarita said...

Welcome Daniel! And they are coming. Slowly but surely.

Manda said...

Kudos to the true creator of chommenting.
I love kudos. Especially the peanut butter kind.