Friday, May 12, 2006

The Land Before Time Googolplex

I wonder is God is as entertained by other people's prayers as I am? And is that a bad thing? Hey, at the very least.....I'm paying attention. And I am a firm believer in Mom's theory regarding Heavenly Father's sense of humor. And the fact that dinosaurs did not, in fact, exist. She claims that He just put bones and stuff in the earth to keep us busy/confuse us. And looks down and chuckles commenting "look, they think they found something". That all sounds about right.

So, I know, prayers by little children are a given, but this is a new one from Gracie:

Dear Heavenwy Fadder, thank you fow the food, please ask God to bless the food, Jesus Christ Heavenwy Fadder, Amen.

This is the same child that introduced me to the googolplex. "I love you Sawah", "I love you more!" ,"I love you googolplex!".

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