Sunday, January 23, 2011


In an effort to blog more often than only when I am having a major anxiety attack, here I am. Totally cool, calm, and collected. Well, dreading having to get up and make the bed with the laundered bedding I have been working on all afternoon, but I have a sleeping baby on my chest, so it all evens out.

I am happy to report that my dear friend Angie came to visit this weekend and meet the little man. Sad to report that she has gone home. But it always does my heart good to see her. And especially to see her love my baby so much. Can I mention how awesome she is that she has visited me 3 times in the less than 2 years I have been married? Even though I am a lame host who is a really bad tour guide because 1) I am a home body and 2) because 2 out of the three times I was either huge with child or a new mother and easily exhausted. So thank you Angie and Nathanial for driving all that way and being okay with not doing anything super super exciting. A selfless friend. And sorry about the water heater breaking hours before you arrived and getting fixed hours after you left.

Can someone please come help me organize my stuff? Fitting your life into a room at your parents house with a brand new baby is difficult and I cant seem to make a dent in getting that room in order. And the some order it is in right now (under the mess) is all thanks to my baby sister, Nina's work. So please help. I will pay you in baby snuggles. Also, I need a real crib. We haven't worried about getting one since we don't have a lot of room and he sleeps better in his vibrating seat thingy than the bassinet we had for him at first. But he is going to outgrow that fast, and while we have pack n play type things to use, I would really like an actual crib (or even small sized portable type crib) for my boy. Does that make me frivolous? I have crib bedding just no crib. So I'm looking on craigslist to find something cheap for the here and now. Or if anyone nearby is looking to unload a like item, let me know.

I think it is lame that the Original Pancake House her in Vegas does not have gluten free pancakes like their other locations. Super lame.

I need a name for my etsy site so I can possibly sell my creations. Problem being that my creations are not of one single type of category or craft. I'm a schizophrenic crafter.

That's all I really have for tonight.


Joel said...

I like it when you Blog.

LuLuBelle said...

me too

Michelle Catherine Walker said...

Um, "schizophrenic crafter" is BRILLIANT and hilarious as an Etsy name!!!! Plus, I love that you said you are a home body--I am too. I'm THE worst NYC tour guide, because I have no desire to take people anywhere--except out to eat. :D Glad to see your blogging again.