Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Broke Down

I'd like to start out by saying that I am not complaining. Life throws us all turns all the time and I am more than anything moved by how things turn out. Today has been hard. By today I mean when I groggily answered the phone at Joel's 5th try calling me after 1am because the car had broken down. I was having an especially hard time waking up while I asked my Dad to pick him up and could barely construct an intelligible sentence and in my sleepy state was freaking out over the possibility that the car was dead or how much it might cost to fix. Because not having transportation is not really an option right now. I was pacing and yes kind of weeping until my sensible mother convinced me to go back to bed. Did I mention that the day before I found out the the insurance that was covering all of my delivery was now maybe not going to cover any of it. As in any. Gulp.

While the future of our transportation remains uncertain, my previous employer but more specifically previous co workers have gone to bat for me in ways I never would have imagined. This day has been an emotional roller coaster (in part because nobody got any sleep) for us. In short, the delivery is being paid for one way or another and we are free (?) to spend the money we didn't really have but really didn't have for a delivery and car to figure out either fixing the car or finding an economical replacement.

I love my husband and the hard work he has done today to take care of everything, including making a delicious-low weight watcher point meal for us. And right now he is holding our sweet boy so I can type. The sweet boy that we know was meant for us at this time in our lives. So thank you universe (God) and wonderful people that have been put into our lives.

And if you have an awesome car that you are looking to unload for basically nothing, send it our way, k? Thanks a ton.


Stephanie said...

My car died today too. While I was dropping off donations at DI. There was lots of smoke, sputtering, clanging and then it just refused to go or start again. I had it towed somewhere to have them take a look, but I fully expect to receive a death certificate for the car shortly. UUHhhhh... who ever wants to spend money on a car??? I can't complain too much since we bought it used and have had it for 10 years and just passed 210,000 miles, but it is still a pain in the but! I hope everything works out with your car. and everything else. give that adorable baby a hug and kiss from "aunt" Stephanie {easier than 1st cousin once removed Stephanie} for me!

Evan and Holly said...

We started WW too on Monday. I have such good recipes low in points for dinner---the rest of the day, I struggle. Keep it up, my mom lost 30 lbs last year, my sister lost 60 lbs on ww last time and I have known so many women who have done it.

Plus, I've been through the car situation, as early as last September. It always works out. I think of you often :) Thanks for the comments, and no, they don't know about the celiac and it is looking like no--but something less defined and more serious :)