Monday, August 16, 2010


This weekend was super fantastic seeing as how Angie came to visit and see my big belly. And everything else that is big about me right now. But geez, Angie, I already am a giant in comparison to your petite cuteness on normal days, but why do you have lose weight while I am getting bigger? (You look phenomenal BTW). So we went and enjoyed many Portland things....that involved lots of eating. Because I can do lots of that right now. Like finally visiting my now favorite breakfast joint OF ALL TIME: Gravy. Seriously. The scramble that Joel and I shared was delicious. As was the Creme Brulle style Oatmeal with berries....

Um, yeah, that's oatmeal. Just don't try to eat it by yourself.

We also visited Voodoo Donuts and I am proud to say that I didn't even eat one (we did however visit the gluten free bakery first to get me a cupcake...or 2). Angie looks adorable with her Maple Bacon Bar. There was also the Grilled Cheese Grill cart (maybe my new favorite, or one of them) that has gluten free bread!!! Swiss and Colby Jack (I cant eat the delicious stuff like Brie and Bleu cheese......waah) with bacon and apple. Yum.

In other news, it's hot. And I have a little furnace inside me. And the AC unit isn't doing much. And I was a big baby the whole time our guests were here. (Cool and cheap movie theatres? Yes Please). And my back kills me by evening time. Which means I am not sleeping. Last night was pretty miserable. I finally propped myself up with lots of pillows last night after it was cool enough to be bearable (around 2 or 3am) and got a couple hours of sleep and back relief that way.

In short, I'm a big baby with this

Also, I miss you already Angie.


rachel.lyn said...

ughhh i feel you on the heat wave. i'm dying over here in sunny florida!

Anonymous said...

I want to try one of those Maple Bacon Bars so so so bad. Ever since I saw them on The Best Thing I Ever Ate-I dream of them. Yes, your friend looks cute eating one.

Charlotte said...


Tara said...

my. mouth. is. watering.

Chelsea said...

my friend matt made maple bacon bars once and tried to get us all to eat them and i about barfed.

i'll take a cupcake though anyday!