Thursday, August 19, 2010


I found out I was pregnant and was determined to stay as in shape as possible. So I bought a pregnancy pilates dvd and maybe a yoga one too.

And I did the pilates one once.

The End.


Molly said...

This made me laugh. Out loud.

But I refuse to type "LOL."

Tara said...

Fit pregnancies or overrated {or at least I think they might be}. I proud of you for just doing it once.

Jessica G. said...

Seriously funny. But, that is life. I have heard of people who worked out their entire pregnancy...for me, after a couple months, it took all my energy to just walk!

Sarita said...

Seriously! Walking is a major chore. Especially when your feet and ankles start swelling almost immediately.

Im convinced that all my weight gain is water and baby and that everything will go back to normal after delivery. Right?

Anonymous said...

Ha, I wasn't pregnant and bought three fancy Yoga books just because. I have read them all and believe I look much better... without having this done more than once. Miraculous :-)

The Wi Family said...

HAHA... me too!! I've had mine through 2 kids and have used it about once :)