Saturday, July 24, 2010


Has been super satisfactory so far. After driving in the country to drop off Joel's cousin for girl scout camp we did some exploration consisting of but not limited to: visiting the Super Goodwill (they even have a cafe! though Ive never actually wanted to eat there. Funny that.) We then went to the ReBuilding Center just to check it out. Chock full of old doors, windows, mirrors, sinks, cabinetry, sinks, etc. Donated from old houses. For cheap. The project possibilities are swimming around in my head.

They also had this piano....for playing....not for sale.

We just like old things. So the rest of the afternoon was spent perusing vintage shops, a cool baby store, exploring awesome neighborhoods, seeing Inception for $4 (during which I felt little Kai move like crazy) and driving across the St. Johns bridge (my favorite bridge), finally finding a GREAT maxi dress for essentially no dollars (well an exchange and a sale), Trader Joe's, and home now to make pasta with salmon olive oil and a citrus tomato salad topping.

And I may be having too much fun with these iPhone polaroids.


Anonymous said...

What a fun day - I never heard of a ReBuilding Center, but I love the idea.

I could make up a hundred stories when getting a door or else there and then think in which house the door was before.

KirstieBirstie said...

All your iphone polaroids, make me want to get one just for that purpose!

Charlotte said...

Ditto for Kirstie's comment. Ditto, ditto.