Thursday, July 22, 2010

Puffy feet

So I am laying on the couch feeling really proud of myself for 'almost' finishing cleaning the kitchen but getting too hot and sweaty and swollen of the feet to actually finish. Can you see how beautiful they are right now? And my beautiful tan line from my flip flops.

While there is lots to stress out about right now there still is this: my husband just called me an amazing sexy woman for almost finishing the kitchen and making him some herbal mango iced tea, he just put ice packs on my ankles and I'm laying here waiting for a kind neighbor to bring us rice krispie treats. That coupled with the fact that we just got two disks of episodes of a British vampire/werewolf/ghost drama from netflix............makes life pretty good.


Laura said...

Herbal mango iced tea sounds quite good!!

christina said...

that's what i was thinking. what kind? can i get this herbal mango iced tea in a less hip area than portland?

Sarita said...

It's Celestial Seasonings Zingers....basically fruity herbal tea bags with stevia sweetner. We got it at Wincos (think Food 4 Less). Im sure you can invent your own with the tea of your choice.