Monday, January 04, 2010

Cliche My Way to 2010

I always groan a little bit at new years resolutions, but in my heart of hearts am making them, even if not audibly. It's kinda hard not to reflect and project at the turning of a year.

I think I have to say it was a good year because my husband that I married in 2009 might get his feelings hurt otherwise. So yes, it was a good year. Not without it's trials and changes, but overall what they have brought me have been good. I love Joel and am still flabbergasted at how this marriage thing actually happened. All in all I am overwhelmed with gratitude for his love, the love I have felt from family in their support and assistance, and that of my great friends who never ceased to rally around me as I prepared for these changes. I miss them in my
everyday life.

My main goal in the last year was develop myself more creatively, as it has been for awhile, and while I didn't quite meet my own expectations, in retrospect: I planned my wedding, which included the redesign of my wedding dress (of course, Elisa did all the real work there), designed announcements, modgepodged the extras into art,

Made lots n lots of pretty blue birds that Maren turned into something beautiful,

and aren't my mother and her sister just lovely? I didn't make them, but the one in blue made me :)

Other than that.....I relearned to crochet....and made most of my Christmas presents, of which I forgot to take pictures of (hint hint) and am all geared up to finally make stuff with the Goodwill sewing machine, free patterns from and Goodwill fabric. So I'm feeling pretty good bought all that.

For this year....I'm thinking that I will stick with actually making the skirt scheduled for this week, turning 30, and sending out wedding thank yous...which are late.

Also, being a little less lame at being the new RS secretary at church.

Here's to a new year, our future is uncertain as of right now, so I'm excited to see what it has in store....for the Mellors.


Rachel said...

Happy New Year!!!! You will make a great RS secretary. Just pretend you are planning a wedding.

Britten said...

One of my goals this year is to delve deeper into my creativity as well. However, just reading your blog makes me feel more creative so I think the both of us are well on our way!

The Wi Family said...

You're way ahead of me in the New Year's department.. I haven't really even thought much about it...probably because I NEVER make my goal for new years (prob because it always has something to do with losing weight...hahaha). Anyways, sounds like you've got it together! I got 2 new SIL in 2009!!! And I'm so grateful for that :)

LuLuBelle said...

I love reading your bloggity blog. Always. Write more.

LuLuBelle said...

I love your fishies. You can feed them.

Sarita said...

Yes mother you can....isnt it fun?