Monday, January 18, 2010

One of these days

I will have an option other than being either in pain, or drugged. Let it come soon.

I will have health insurance so I can actually afford to go to the doctor and talk about my feelings. About having intense pains in the head all the time. And maybe find a solution. (Actually Feb 1 I will have insurance. Yay for benefits that finally kick in after 6 months).

I will get all the cleaning and junk done that I intend to do and actually get to my projects (Sewing!) instead of feeling overwhelmed and just watch a movie and crocheting instead. Or sleep. Depending on the headache/drug sitch.

I will start blogging again with actual interesting things to say + photographs.

I will work out. I already have tentative plans with my VT who just had a baby and is already half my size (width speaking, we are about the same vertically. Depressing.) to run. She assures me she is out of shape. She better not be lying.

The sun will be all the way up when I leave work. That will be a good day.

I will visit my friends in SLC. I'm waiting for the Nothing known as inversion to pass before I think too much about that though. And we will laugh and do silly and fun things and nothings and just hang out and be happy. Together.

The husband will stop having bar prep classes every night and I will have company at home.

For right now, I am content to go home and cherish the alone time. Because sometimes I really want my alone time. Except for those times that I actually have it. I will stop by the grocer and get gluten free mac n cheese and then make said mac n cheese and then season it deliciously and bake it. And then eat it. Because Joel isn't so much a fan of the mac n cheese. But I am. (One of these days I will watch what I eat....maybe, being someone that has been 'dieting' since I was 12, lets just say, eating what I want and then making sure I don't go overboard and balancing it out with veggies n junk works best. I just need to work on the overboard part).

Also, I will meander into Goodwill on my way home, because I can. And will only spend money there if there is something incredibly awesome for mere dollars. Or really good yarn. Or fabric (but this Goodwill prices such things at, like, $7-14.99, whilst the one by my office is more like $1-3.99....price discrepancy? I think so). Because Joel may start to get annoyed that I keep buying fabric (for $1.99, remember) and have yet to make....well... anything out of it. And he may be justified.

Also, is it time to go home yet?

I thought so.

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Mikie said...

6 months?! Crazy. We recently changed our policy so there's no waiting, I think (used to be 30 days or maybe 90 tops). Hope the doc does help you get rid of the headaches, and I'm looking forward to you posting more photos :)