Saturday, August 29, 2009

Doot doot doot

Life is tough when you get married and are looking for work n such. Gone are the days of spending X amount on your hair and not feeling that guilty about it. Or being able to get your hair done period. So poor poor Joel had to live with a wife that had *gasp* roots, and had not *double gasp* had her scalp pampered for close to 5 months.

Which is why I love our new found franchise of Bishops Barbershops in the Portland area. Started by a cutting edge stylist who hated the idea of you either pay what feels like an arm and a leg to get your hair done at a place where you have to schedule a month in advance and get looked down the nose at and the people are generally uppity (granted, this is not the case at all good nice salons-especially the ones where my friends cut hair) or you walk into a Supercuts.

Here, you walk in, it's a hip local, with creative stylists (which they either assign or you can request) offer you a beer (which I didnt accept) and you can just hang out with the gang. A modern barbershop feel. All services are a la carte, so you know what you are paying, and honestly, I have not ever had anyone be so meticulous about my hair before. And while good hair still costs money, I knew what I was paying.

Also, those 4-5 months helped with the whole hair growing out scheme I've had lately.

Also, if the northwest has taught me anything it is that I can finally let my hair go wavey. Maybe I am more laid back about it now, or maybe its the humidity, but that obnoxious wave has now become my friend.

Right now, I am at work getting a little Saturday overtime. Phones are quiet. And I am looking forward to a visit to the greatest book store of all time in about 45 minutes. Seriously, Powell's is amazing. It's like it's own little world.

And oh look, I took some more pictures of myself. I figured I should do something with them.....

So come to Portland, get a haircut, get lost in a book shop, and go on a walk with Joel and myself.


The Wi Family said...

Great hair! I like it wavy :) It's much easier to do also....

alyssa mellor said...

is joel wearing toms?