Thursday, September 03, 2009

My Great Loves

My husband, who brings me an ice pack for my neck so I can sleep through my migraine, and changes it out for a frozen bag of edamame when it is time without being asked. Who cooks delicious food for me. And loves me for being an individual who doesn't always listen to him. And doesn't fault me for having sometimes too soft a heart. Is an incredibly knowledgeable individual who is sensitive to the sensitivities of others. Who tries hard to dispense knowledge when its needed, not only when it serves him. Even when that is difficult. Who serves others in so many quiet ways.

My parents, who taught me the best of principles. To be an individual, with my own thoughts. Who, despite their worries of me being adversely influenced, supported me in friendships with those who had differing viewpoints or standards. That taught me the necessary value of looking outside yourself, treating others with respect, working hard, and serving your fellow man. Who have loved me through emotional meltdowns, through my mission, and any aspiration I might have.

My dear sisters, who have been my best friends, mentors, fashion icons, etc. They are great examples to me in more ways than I can express. And are so very dear to my heart it is sometimes hard to talk about. Who are wonderful mothers, wives, and human beings . Who are talented and lovely and of good report.

My God. Who is forgiving, merciful, patient, and continually teaches me with each new experience and choice that I make. Who keeps me centered when I am feeling fanatical. Who gives me peace when I am anxious and fearful. Who has given me scriptures to go to for guidance, modern day prophets to help steer me through modern day storms. Who has made up so much of who and what my family is, who I am. And when I get or just feel lost, corrects my paths and my heart.

These loves are infinite.


Angie said...

And to your lovely friends who miss you and adore you and talk about you so often you'd think that you were still here.

Well, you are one of my great loves anyway. :) said...

I think a mother could not be happier than to have a tribute like that paid to her son - Thank you my lovely daughter in law!!! I sure love you
Mama M :)

LuLuBelle said...

I love reading your blog. Not just because you say nice things about your family. I'm happy that Joel knows so many ways to bless your life with vegetables.

Pickled Peppers Kids said...

I never knew that I was your fashion icon. Wow.