Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coast camp and Lobster making

Daniel (and someone posing in the background)

Rachel (playing in the sand and staying at least 20 feet from the water at all times)

Kris & Kayla (being adorable while babysitting my camera)

Daniel (posing with the football)

Mike (smiling)

Kayla & Joel & Rick (?)

Jenna (holding mom's hand)

Jenna (loving the ocean almost as much as her uncle Joel)

Kayla & Rachel (enjoying the beach)

Kayla & Jenna (ditto)

Joel (looking northwestern)

Joel (kissing) Me

Joel (watching the sunset)

Joel (watching the sunset with) Me

Plants (bathed by a setting sun)

Daniel (teaching Jenna about sunsets and the green flash of light)

Mama Mellor & Joel & Daniel (looking too cool)

(uncle) Daniel & Rachel

Mama Mellor & Rachel (proof she did actually touch the water)

Rachel (making an adorable face)

Rachel (flying a kite)

Jenna (holding on)

Jenna (really holding on)

Mama Mellor & Jenna & Kris (in the water)

Ditto (ditto)

Rachel (looking annoyed)

Mama Mellor (having fun)

Alyssa (leaping)

Rachel & Kris & Jenna

Daniel (throwing a frisbee)

Jenna (and legs)


Mikie said...

Great portraits, enjoyed the post-processing too :)

The Wi Family said...

You are really amazing!!! I can't wait to get some of these printed and framed!