Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Patent Pending

You know how those little tissue paper face blotters work wonders when you are shiny? And you are shiny because your skin produces oil?

Well, a magazine recently told me that toilet seat covers are basically the same thing and are a cheap, quick alternative.

And so when I was in the restroom at work thinking that my hair was looking a little oily because I was on day 2 of my hair washing, an idea occurred to me:



Just so you know, the first trial didnt yield the expected results, but I did come out looking a little better than Mickey Rourke.

Patent pending.


Jen said...

Ok thats funny!!

LuLuBelle said...

Some people come up with the best ideas while meditating on the throne. Keep working on this one Sarah you might just be onto something.

Sarah said...

hahahaha!! this is such a great post :)