Monday, June 15, 2009

Sisterly affection

I miss my sisters. I love it here. I love my husband. But at all times in my life, I have had sisters close to me. Biological or otherwise. And I'm going through withdrawals right now. I haven't any girlfriends. Here.

So just wanted to let you all know.....I MISS YOU. I miss spontaneous movies with friends. And spontaneous Pho. And Ross trips. And laying in Maren's bed watching Masterpiece Theatre. Or just laying there watching Mr. Puddles the cat. Or even laying there watching each other cry about real issues. And petty ones. And driving around with friends when they have bad days like thinking they are maybe going to get arrested, but don't. And can't fill their empty gas tank because it's broken. And feeling useful because I fix it. And friends that I know well enough that they feel comfortable poking me in the boob. Just because they are jealous (in all fairness, that one poked me in the boob the first time I met her). I miss dancing with these girls at concerts. And riding bikes to the Gallivan Center. Or anywhere. And swimming in community pools with these friend's adorable daughters. And laughing over ridiculous things. And all that they did for me when I was getting married and leaving. Even when it was hard for them. Those sisters are angels.

I miss the sisters who share my blood and their witty dry humor. And with whom I shared my formative years. They are a huge part of who I am. And are wise, lovely, examples and supports to me. And those sister's children. And lament that I didn't take more advantage of spending more time with the ones in the SLC this past year. I miss my mother too. Even though I have lived in a different state then her for some 6 years. I still feel the distance. And love when she calls to get dinner ideas from me (which actually come from Joel) and wonders if she should cook with the white wine that someone gave her a year ago for Christmas. And if she cooked with some of it would she be tempted to drink the rest of it? And stating that she is pretty sure that would make her an instant alcoholic.

I miss roommates. Even though living with other girls who you are not married to or bound by biology can be hard. Sometimes. I miss the sharing of clothes and late night pillow talk to catch up on their lives.

Like I said. Life is good. But there is a void. And I want you to know that void is there because you are not here.

Just something I have been pondering. I, for the first time in my life perhaps, am so wholly grateful for Relief Society. I felt a little of the one thing I was missing yesterday at church.

And I'm stoked because one of these friends that I consider sisterly just booked a flight to come see me. And Portland.


Angie said...

I just cried a little. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Tara said...

So funny. I said the exact thing your mother did about the wine. I finally got over it and love cooking with wine. And I'm not an alcoholic YET.

You will find more sisters. In time-you will!

LuLuBelle said...

I wasn't even tempted to drink the wine. Well there have been days...but your not supposed to tell! The fact that the un-opened bottle has been in my pantry for almost a year and a half must mean something. I chickened out about the recipe though so it's still waiting for it's debut....maybe the next time you and Joel come for a visit.

LuLuBelle said...

And I miss you too and love you to pieces.

The Wi Family said...

I count as a sister now :) Even though I haven't known you all that long, but it's so great when my big brother brings someone so AWESOME into our family!!! so when you come up next week--we all need to have a girls night or day or 3 or 4 days!!! What do ya say???

Sarita said...

Of course we can have a girl's night! I'd like that. And love that I now have sisters in law to add to the list.

The AdventureWalkers said...

...Sorry to barge into this bevy of female fawning, but I miss you too. Love, Dad