Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The New Era

This is not your young women's new era either. Because it's, well, mine. I thought that maybe it was a time for a new blog look sometime last week. And then I thought that again the day later. And several times after that until today when I went back to an old template. Classic Sarah. (Seriously, ask Joel.....I will look online at literally thousands of options of something and then go with one of the first ones I looked at.....) And instead changed the Title (as you can see). See, I've been SJ for a long time. And even though I am technically now SJM, I still have got that SJ in there. AND, J also stands for Joel ie: my husband. See what I just did there?

With these changes (not just with the blog but you know, marriage, and re situating the whole life n all) I have naturally been doing a whole lot of thinking about what direction I want to go with the blog. See before, I was single. And not JUST single. But in the 25-30 single range. Upper end of that really. And LDS. Which for those of you who are not single or LDS or have been single and LDS but got married at 19, it's a whole nother ballgame. Which gave me LOTS of good content for the blog. Dates! Disaster! Lack of Dates! Set-ups! The humor, as you can well imagine, was abundant.

But what now? I'm married. And newly so. Is that the death of it all? (I said to myself). And then it hit me......what if....WHAT IF......I wrote about the new adventures of marriage? Sometimes specific to the LDS world? I mean, this has never been done.........has it?

So all of you's that have been panicking, thinking that you will no longer get to read my mundane and sometimes entertaining blog and that is has perhaps gone the way of the laser disk can rest soundly.

You know who you are.


LuLuBelle said...

I love your new look and can't wait to hear your not so mundane and always entertaining blog. Welcome back.

Britten said...

Yes, I know who I am and I was hoping you would continue on in your Sarah ways.

But yes, I think newly married LDS has been done several times over but you and Joel will put a whole new twist on it so I'm not worried. =)

Rachel said...

I've loving having new posts to read. Keep up the good work!