Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It feels like home

I'm a little embarassed to admit it, but one of the downfalls of living in the Northwest, is that NOBODY has Diet Coke on tap. What's with these Pepsi products people? And while I have already cut back significantly on my soda intake, it is still disturbing to me. Also, 7-11's seem few and far between here. And they have always come through with the coke. I miss the midnight walks in the SLC down to the sev just blocks from my house in the awesome avenues. To get a (again, no judging) midnight DC since I was drinking much more of it those days and it didnt so much affect my sleep. But did make for a tranquil trek all by my lonesome and some good thinking time. Also was good for friendly excursions. Remember that one time we did our grocery shopping there Em? Ah the memories.

So, when Joel and I took a lunch break from me working and him studying and found a nearby Sev, I was amazed how refreshing it was to walk in and see the familiar pizza and meat products revolving under heatlamps, an abundance of beverage choices, and everything in it's rightful place. I suppose that it's good that these luxuries are harder to come by these days. Because it means less soda and less of these:
Because they are so good.


christina said...

you haven't lived until you have experienced the joy that is QT.



christina said...

also, i love how you have a slideshow of my family on your blog.

i love you, too.