Sunday, May 31, 2009

Portland, I'm In Love

As a stranger to the land of the Northwest, these are my impressions:

First of all, I have no idea what rain people were talking about. It's been clear skies since we got here. My only concern about the rain was that fact that Joel assured me that north westerners DO NOT use umbrellas. I like my umbrella. It has a very lovely floral pattern. And other one is clear with, dare I say, a silver lining. I also like keeping my hair from getting wet, and then violently frizzy. Or incredibly limp. It's either poodle or wet dog. No in between. So I was overjoyed when we drove into the city (the only rainy day) and I instantly counted some 20+ umbrellas in use. Showed him.

Gluten freedom-topia.......seriously, within walking distance of our abode there is a restaurant that serves gluten free pizza, and fish and chips. Blocks away from there is a gluten free artisan bakery that is delish. Loads of treats and loaves of bread (which means french toast and french toasted PB&J's with a grape juice reduction sauce).

Lots of bridges. I like bridges.

And fast food franchises that happen to have indie bands that just happen to be jamming there on Tuesday nights. Even if they are terrible. With hipster girls talking about sellout bands playing at sellout venues. For sellout prices of $20.

Oh, and Joel is here.

But mostly, because of of sightings of a car like this:

Driven by a lady like this:

All in all, I love it. For many more reasons that are too come. It's shortcomings? My girls are missing, and my sisters, and family. But there is new family that are warm and welcoming and witty. 

Also, Portland gas stations seem to favor Pepsi.


LuLuBelle said...

Thanks for blog posting. I've missed your blog posts. Portland sounds lovely and fun and delicious.

Tara said...

I'm glad you're adjusting well. I wish you'd post some wedding photos. I'm dying to see them :).

Sarita said...

All in good time Tara, all in good time...:) (my photographer is in the middle of moving to San Fran, so...)

Britten said...

Wait, wait, are in Portland now???? How did I not know this?

Dooooode, I am so coming there and we are going to hunt down the Dollhouse (not that dollhouse, the other one - the one belonging to The Black Apple's Emily Martin) and stalk her. Then we will go to all of the antique stores she is always talking about.

The Bridge of the Gods rocks my was in Twilight. =D