Monday, March 02, 2009

Sabbath day

I had the great honor of watching my nieces while Jess and Ryan made an emergency trip to Idaho on Sunday. The girls and I had a little slumber party which was great. Watched I Honey Shrunk the Kids. Apparently they are into movies from my youth (that remind me how old I am). We took them out for gluten free pancakes and Joel's car started smoking on the way. The the radiator had totally boiled over and things were looking bad. Sooooo....we went on a walk. Gracie's Sunday shoes gave her a blister that started bleeding. So we stopped off at a park where she played barefoot. Maddie got blisters on her hands from too much monkey barring. So we walked over to the skate park and watched impressive skaters and bikers doing impressive things. While Joel went back to get the car after determining that it would be okay to drive at least a short distance.

One of the impressive guys flipped his bike (I don't know the technical terms for this) and fell. So Maddie and I had a conversation about how they have to fall a lot to get good. It's how they learn. She said "Well, it doesn't look like he's learning very much......" And then one of the skaters said the F word.

We then headed to church.

Gracie told me that I look like I'm already pregnant. I assured her that I wasn't.

She said "I know. I just said that it looks like you're pregnant."

I'm hoping it was just the dress.

We later watched Karate Kid. The original. In the middle of which Gracie asked why Ralph Macchio said "Dammit, why do I have to do this?". (In my defense. I did not introduce them to this movie.)

This is what happens when you take your nieces out to breakfast on the sabbath. Let that be a lesson to you all.

It was fun as well.


Britten said...

Hahahah! This sounds familiar...

Love the new look of your blog! Is this a new template they have on blogger? Awesome possum....

Sarita said...

Thanks Britten, no, I found the html stuff online and had to figure out how to manipulate it to work. It was hard....