Monday, March 09, 2009

Rachel Rachel bo Bachel

Yesterday was my sister's birthday. I'm terrible at these things. I was even gearing up to call her and completely forgot what the date was. I blame it on the weekend......

But RACHEL. Rachel I love. Beautiful curly Rachel.

Have I ever told you how she let me hang out with her friends when she was a senior in high school and I a lowly freshman? I'm sure it annoyed her but I had issues hanging out with people my own age. Seriously, it was Rachel's friends or Christina's (who were four years my juniors....really I just wanted them to idolize me). I thought Rachel was the coolest (and still is). I stole her music. She had great taste in music and steered me away from things like New Kids on the Block. Instead I listened to TMBG and 10,000 Maniacs. I stole her clothes. I coveted her Simples. And her writing skills.

Have I ever told you of the Jones girls/March girls parallel we have. Yes, little women. 4 girls. Jess is the lovely second mother. Rachel the writer, independent in spirit and mind. I'm the peace maker who is very pleasant. And dies. And Christina the petite and feisty youngest child. But Rachel is totally Jo. I've always thought so. I think that everyone wants to be Jo. And identifies with her, or wants to anyhow (kinda like Elizabeth Bennett). And it's no surprise really that she steals the show seeing as how Louisa May Alcott based the character on herself. But Rachel really is our very own Jo. I did a scene from Little Women when I was 17 in my drama class and played Jo. And actually felt inadequate for the role as it was really for Rachel. (I'm also very silly about these things that other people probably would never think of).

Have I ever told you how if you ever looked through our old family pictures, that Jessica would be perfectly coiffed and positioned (later to become a model.....who knew) and Rachel would have this wild expression on her face, mouth wide open, crazy eyes. It's rather hilarious. And Rachel is still rather hilarious.

Have I ever told you how beautiful I think she is. Lest you think that these wild expressions are evidence otherwise. She is beautiful. Part of it is good genes, and part because she truly does have a lovely spirit.

Have I ever told you what a great mother she is? She is.
Rach has always been a great support to me. I've always known I could go to her for a practical, impartial, and understanding shoulder to lean on.

Rachel is our sole's not just the wig. And forget what I said about Jess always being so well coiffed....

I love her. And hope that her birthday was wonderful.

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Rachel said...

awwwwww....I love you too. Thanks.