Monday, July 28, 2008

If wishes were fishes....

........we'd all have a fry........ at least that's what mom always told me.

And someone would show up on my doorstep miraculously with a ticket to see Wilco at Red Butte gardens. So, I would have a fish fry AND would see Wilco live, something I have wanted to do for some 7 odd years.

Of course mom also always said that its not what you want that makes you fat it's what you get.

But I don't think that Wilco could make me fat.

UNLESS....I bring lots of treats like hummus and sugar snap peas and peach rings and dove dark promises and red I did last time I was at Red Butte to see Ryan Adams. But that just made me more sick than fat. Not to mention that Ryan was a bit of a let down (might as well been Brian Adams.....).

Mom, am I taking these too literally?

And seriously, Wilco ticket people. How was I supposed to know they would sell out?

Que sera, sera.

And while I'm wishing for things, can someone hire me to take their wedding photos so I can get a new computer please? Oh, thanks engaged girl at work. I am much obliged.

I also need a vacation to somewhere like Europe or Costa Rica or New York something fierce. If someone wants to come through on that one it would be awesome as well.


Rachel said...

If wishes were crawfish, we'd all have a boil!! Why didn't that one catch on? I wish you would come visit your lonely sister in NC. Not yet, though. First I have to find out some cool places to take you. And you might like it if we had more eating utensils in the house than 1 plastic wendy's spoon and 5 silly straws.

nate said...

Wishes are like assholes, everybody has one.

Sarita said...

Thanks for the offensive comment Nate. You totally armied that one in the face. Hard.