Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Granny glasses are special and so are my friends

So sometimes I am a sap and get overwhelmingly touched by the people in my life. Not saying that they touch me an overwhelming amount, (well some of them might) but that the actuality that I have such amazing people that are here for me and that support me and tease me when the occasion calls for it overwhelms me. I am pretty dang blessed in that dept. So when I am with a handful of those important people in a very important place such as yesterday, its special to say the least.

I may not have gotten all weepy over it like some people, but I had my moments. So thanks girls. We are a family of sorts and being at the temple with you just feels right.I'm thinking we might need to get a portrait done of us all dressed in white. Is that too much?

In other news: there was a mishap of communication this morning, and I almost did not have a ride to work. A quick call, and our other carpool buddy, an attorney some 15 years my senior stopped by to pick me up. We got on the road and to talking when I turned to see him wearing these......... Yeah, I was confused as well. Except that his had wider ear pieces with some gold embellishment. I honestly couldn't get if he was being ironic or thought he was really hip. Didn't have the heart to tell him that those are girl's sunglasses. Or Elton John's, but either way.................


Potcherboy said...

Hey! Be nice! Sometimes I can't tell where the girl sunglasses isle ends and the guy sunglasses begins. Is he married? Because if he is, then is wife is slacking in her job of being the Coast Guard to this guy drowning in the fashion ocean.

Rachel said...

He was probably secretly laughing at your fashion discomfort. Hee hee. I like your new pick.

p.s. Is this blog about me, or am I being vain?