Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cheer up emo kid

I know that I said that I hate bumper stickers of all varieties.......but I will have to concede that sometimes I am fairly amused by them. Like the car I saw yesterday with big block letters spelling across their back window CHEER UP EMO KID. I took a picture with my phone, but it didn't come out and that makes me very sad. So sad in fact that I may hold up in my room and listen to whiny angsty music while combing my hair into my face so that I can't see the beauty of the world around me but rather the stringy-ness of my newly dyed black locks.

So yeah, I am a hypocrite.

Finally went to see Tilly and the Wall at Kilby Court last week. I've been wanting to see them for some time. Unfortunately, it was crowded and so hot and I couldn't see much. But still enjoyable. Can't get them out of my head.

Have I mentioned that this video was filmed at our very own hole in the wall venue of Kilby Court? That makes me smile. I want to take tap up again. Since the time that I quit in, you know, around 3rd grade.

"The problem with growing older is the older part. Everyone makes so much about the angst of teenagers, but it’s that tough plight of the high schooler trying to find his or her identity as the hormones and peer ridicule kick in and cause breakouts that doesn’t deserve all that attention. Those just out of college, moving away from or being moved away from by all their friends, having to pay real bills for the first time, enduring occupational responsibilities and likely working in an environment with others who have had their souls sucked dry years ago – those are the ones who should draw the most sympathy. Those are the ones that should be felt sorry for – everyone mid-20s and up – for they are the ones watching the electricity from their lives evaporate quicker than anyone else. It’s traumatic when the college years complete themselves and the friendships that were developed over half a decade aren’t suddenly disposable, but they are oftentimes difficult to maintain from so many different reaches of the country as everyone seeks happiness in good-paying jobs. Friendships are sacrificed and rationalized as necessary victims because money comes first and everything else comes second. Tilly and the Wall, the Nebraskan group of goodtime purveyors, is more for the salvaging of all those things that make everything else better. A bar is a lonely place if there’s only one person sitting at one of its stools. The same goes for a lot of things and so the Tillies provide a shining example of how to continue through life doing everything with all of the friends they’ve always done things with. They’ve had their own bicycle gang for years, riding through the quiet neighborhood streets of Omaha, tinkling tiny handlebar bells to alert of their presence ............."(Tilly and the Wall: Raging Against The Dying Of The Light And For BFFs)

Yeah, pretty much the anti emo.


Joel said...

you died your hair?

Sarita said...

For those concerned (ie: mom, and now joel) I did not dye my hair black. I was being facetious.

Can you imagine me, with black hair?

Yeah, I would not make a very good emo kid.

Mikie said...

I've yet to see a show at Kilby-- that's awesome they filmed that there. My siblings tell me that place literally is pretty much a garage, hehe. Good stuff-- thanks for sharing the music, I like...

Joel said...

I could not tell for sure from your prose. it was just to believable.