Thursday, June 19, 2008


As I sit eating leftover fruity salsa:

Work was really bad the other day, so bad that I swiftly typed a lengthy and very honest email to my boss that I maybe should have waited to send. But I didn't. Because I cool down too easily and then do nothing. It ended well, don't worry. And the composing of said email was an excellent release. As was the help and concern of certain people... I was actually pretty proud of myself for taking a small stand. It was liberating.

Another gas station attendant made my day as I dreaded the following day of work. He told me I was damn fine and gave me a tootsie roll pop. What more does a girl need out of life? (I sure hope he doesn't say that to all the girls just like my Sev BF's).

I was reminded that I like people that can cook instinctively. I wish I had more of that.

I like Pan's Labyrinth.

I am really tall with 3 inch heels. In case you didn't already know this.

Good Gellato is really good and refreshing after a haircut and celebrity gossip, and hanging out with a receptionist named Yohan who wants to tattoo Madonna's face on his back.

The End


a s h o l i n a said...

That's right. You ARE damn hot. And I miss you. I'm proud of you for sending that email!!! Love ya

beans said...

i love reading your blog sarah. you can always make me laugh. oh, and it's "I go walking DOWN the street. Love you!

Rachel said...

Tell Yohan that's MY tatoo. No copying.

Dustin and Juls said...

I love reading about people standing up to their bosses, I want to hear more about this said email though and more of the result. :D

Potcherboy said...

I love Pan's Labrynth, too.