Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In the middle of the night, I go walking in the street

Walked to the Sev last night around 11ish to get something this girl desperately needed because, well, we're all friends here, right? Because I'm female and it was just that time. Walked in and was greeted by the usual pair of young 7-11 employees that we have come to know well (not the vegan with the angry carrot tattooed on his forearms, but the Pantera listening one with longish hair that he sometimes wears in pigtails, and the aspiring tattoo artist that was sitting in the back with a plastic 7-11 bag over his hand as he slowly open and closed his fist, intently watching the crinkling of the plastic over his hand as he did so). Pigtail boy welcomed me by calling me sweetheart and continued to refer to me as such over 4 times and then as hun at least 3 in the 5 minutes I was there making my purchase. Makes a girl feel good to have the undivided attention (not counting the distraction of the plastic bag of course) of 2 gas station employees after you have gotten ready for bed and are wearing your glasses. So it looks like I have a couple prospects down the street. (By the way, I am notorious for getting music lyrics wrong, don't know if you've noticed that).

Sincerely yours,

Sweetheart (or hun, whichever you prefer)


reno said...

You don't want to hear this... but he calls me "hun" too. And "sweetheart." What a pet name slut. Seriously, SLC is too small for that. He should know better.

Sarita said...

You are right, I didnt want to hear that. But I take solace in the fact that you are a worthy competitor. And the fact that you are getting married. :)

They are mine, so step off.

becky said...

sometimes he calls angie and i BOTH hun at the SAME TIME.


Potcherboy said...

I wish I could do pigtails.