Friday, June 13, 2008

Clock Watcher

What I am doing at work:

Eating salt and cracked pepper popcorn at my desk while verifying a balances on a file
****shortly after which I proposed marriage to Orville Redenbacher for being such a genius. Anyone who thinks to sprinkle cracked peeper over my single sized portion of lightly buttered popcorn is a man after my own heart. I mean, how did he know that I had forgotten to put my small peppercorn grinder in my purse this morning? My roasted red pepper tomato soup was very sad and lacking in spice to say the least.

I firmly stand behind the age old adage that I just made up that if your food is not painful to ingest, then it does not taste good.

Having a lengthy conversation with a coworker about whether or not one's silhouette would look the same from the front and/or behind. If there would be a difference in curvature or not. I think there would be a difference. But she is adamant that there would not be. Pretty sure that, at least on the curvier of women, there are some ample attributes that would be stick out more from behind and/or front, depending.

Going more or less crazy because every file I work on ends up being a dead end because some office is closed or person is out until Monday. I am giving up and am going to watch Goonies in the park. That's just how I roll.

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