Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Bliss

This weekend was blissful. Started out with a raging Robots vs. Gangsters dance party. Good dancing was had by all robots and gangsters and even those normal people who weren't dressed like they walked off the set of the 1980's version of Bladerunner. Yea, I looked something like that. Not really. But someone did tell me in the 8th grade that I looked just like Daryll Hannah...... It even got broken up by a cop who was being pretty ridiculous. Happy 30th Ang! You know us sober mormon kids dressed up like robots and gangsters. We can get pretty out of control.

Friday, before the roboting, I found and purchased a beautiful pearly yellow 7 speed cruiser. And named her Lemona. Not melanoma for those of you that are either easily confused or hard of hearing. Saturday started with a yummy breakfast. Angie birthday pedicures, and a dollar theatre viewing of Penelope. Which I love. Followed up by a bike ride to Hatches chocolates and frozen bananas covered in caramel, dark chocolate, and nuts. A ride to the SL cemetery and good company.

Amy and I then rode on real city streets to the Living Traditions festival were we partook of good foods such as Pupusas. Me encanta la comida salvadorena. There was ample laying in the grass, looking at trees and people. Followed by a little Wii action at Amy's. Who knew I was so good at virtual bowling? You can just call me Sparah.

Sunday was good as well. Church, reading, and then good food and company with good friends. And laughing till it hurt. Or we cried. Or peed our pants. Whichever came first.

And then a very nice person gave me a ride to work this morning and this evening will be the main event of Angie's 30 year celebration. Complete with bike riding and picnic-ing in the park. I have a good feeling about this summer thing.


Joel said...

It looks like I definitely left the party to early.

Andrea Nalene Rasmussen said...
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