Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Can't. Focus.

Things I have been thinking about today:

Why are they called hospital 'gowns'? Is everyone headed to some hospital ball? Is this to instill some sort of pride in the patients as their backside is exposed? I really don't know the answers to these questions. What I DO know is that this particular ball requires all men to dress in drag. And that instead of the gowns showing ample cleavage up front, it offers a view of another brand of cleavage out back. I'm just sayin. Picture courtesy of Nina, taken near her house.

Why am I just about the biggest sentimental sap that there ever was? Seriously, I will find something to get me teary eyed over in just about every movie. Sometimes I hide it well, other times not so much. And I am constantly expressing to friends and family how much I love them and love that they are in my life. It annoying really. Not just to them. To ME. Emily noted the other day that I am a really nostalgic individual. Which I am. But she corrected herself saying that I am nostalgic for the present. It's true. I am not sentimental. I am nostalgic for the present.

I also scare easy. Don't believe me? Watch a not-even-that-scary movie with me. I will jump. And make you jump as well. And when I'm not jumping, my leg or my foot will be manifesting my anxiety by moving at hyper speed. I also go into hilarious phobic mode if faced with an encounter of the mascoted kind. Remember when I said that I wanted a mascot? It will not be one in a big furry Squirrel costume dancing outside of Squirrel Brother's ice cream. Thanks for calling me Ang to warn me of the danger in the doorway. Not a fan. So no Rocky, I will not be a fan of you and Jake getting mascot attire for dance parties and no, we will not be visiting my basement anytime soon. Because I get spooked way too easy. In fact, once I ran away from someone wearing a Dementor (from Harry Potter) costume one Halloween after he tried talking to me. As in turned and ran. I play it cool.

I've also been thinking about how I want Death Cab for Cutie's new album.

And how when I am low on cash, I don't seem concerned about having enough money for food. But rather that I can keep myself in Diet Coke till the next paycheck.

Also I want to go see the movie Iron Man. And Prince Caspian that comes out this weekend.

And many other fascinating things.

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Mikie said...

"I like digital cameras, because they enable you to reminisce immediately. *p-chish* 'look at us! We were so young... standing right there, wow... where does the minute go...'" - Demetri Martin

Seriously. I'm nostalgic for the past. You're nostalgic for the moment. Can one be nostalgic for the future?