Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm angry

Like most people, I think my family is pretty amazing. Not without our issues, but amazing. We are generally balanced and level headed. Treating others with respect and open to other's points of views and personality differences. I realize I have my moments where I may be oblivious, but I am generally am open to correction. In fact, way too apt to accept that if there is a problem that I am at least partially at fault. I get this from my parents. There is not much that I get up in arms about but but seeing their kindness being taken advantage of is almost unbearable.

Simply because they do not demand recognition for their efforts and investment in something, does not mean that it is any less. My mother bends over backwards to accommodate others who treat her with complete disdain. Simply because family is important to her.

They are amazing, I pale in comparison. And I am so so so angry. I can't stand seeing them hurt.

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