Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother there is no other

I know this is a day late, but that's how we do things in my family.

Ode to my Mama

Beauty, she is beautiful, and seems to take 10 years to age a day. Takes her daughter's burdens upon herself as her own. And bears them wonderfully. I just look back on days when times were not easy and remember how much I admired her each day for her hard work and devotion to our little family. All while keeping her zany attitude and quick wit and sense of humor that I love. She's a sassy woman. And while we all joke about how much I am like my father, I think I got a lot of her as well. Her humor, her appreciation for the oddities of life, and unconventional beauty. Also our mutual tendency to take a backseat to others in life but rising to the occasion when necessary. We may be passive, but we are no doormats. I love to see that quiet strength that emerges in her when the situation calls for it. She will not take injustices lying down.

She stands up for and comforts those who need to be noticed and taken care of. Her children adore her. As do her grandchildren. Maybe just the most laid back and fun woman ever. Who knows how to get things done. I love that balance in her.

Thank you for making me laugh Mom. And for teaching me to love life and people. To be strong, even in my weaknesses. For sacrificing so much to take care of your husband and children in the ways that we needed it most.

Beautiful inside and out. Seriously, I brag about you to my friends ALL THE TIME.

In other news: Anyone remember how at Thanksgiving my mother sent me an email listing all that she was grateful for including her children, individually. Jessica and her family, Rachel, and her family, Sarah and her blog, Christina and her family......? Well, I just want to make it known that my blog did nothing for me for Mother's Day. Didn't call, didn't write, nothing. But being the selfless mother that I am, I forgive my sweet blog.

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LuLuBelle said...

Wow Sarah, is that me you're talking about or do you have another secret mother? I don't currently have sound on my I will have to get a chance to watch the video later. I'm dying to hear what Mr. T. has to say.
I wuv you too. (and your blog)