Friday, May 09, 2008

Let's hear it for the boys

I lunched with this guy yesterday, who happens to read this here blog. Apparently there is a problem with the last post being just about my girls. I am sorry boys, for neglecting you. When you are so deserving of recognition. That sounds like sarcasm as I type it, but I swear I am sincere when I say this. There are some pretty awesome dudes in my life. And so, here is a tribute to the house of dudes that have been most prevalent in recent times. Let's hear it for the boys......

Nate: Is great. He puts up with my persistent texts and sometimes thinks I'm funny. The best, however, is when he thinks I am so funny that his laughter looks almost painful in nature. He wishes not to be defined as the army man, but yet is our resident emergency preparedness plan. That rhymed. Seriously, if there is an emergency, he's our man, whether he likes it or not . A hardcore explorer and athlete. His quiet humor gets me every time. And he seems to enjoy making me blush. Nate, thanks for being great.

Elliott: Forever in science world and working on saving the world. I wait with baited breath until the day that he is finally struck by lightning and endowed with his super Patrick Swayze electric dance moves. Generating free energy for us all. Well, that or falls into a vat of acid and becomes a super villain. Either way, I will be pleased to have him on my side. But super powers or not, his screen saver dance moves are already something spectacular. He seems to have his own internal music. And that's all he needs to move. Thank you for your impromptu visits to us girls.

Rocky: The Rocket. May sometimes look like serial killer, but don't let that fool you. His intensity lends to his loyalty and great dance mixes. He gives me birthday gifts like gorilla tape just because he likes adhesive that much. And wants our house to be fortified with such. Little did he know, that my family loves adhesives as well. (Mom made us a kit of virtually every adhesive and tape imaginable one Christmas, complete with the history and uncommon uses of tape). He has blessed us with the 45 minute dance party that may just save my life.

Ryan: Has more energy than the energizer bunny and something else with lots of energy combined. A veritable iron man in his physical activity. Poor thing is a cripple this summer but as Elliott puts it, he's a funny cripple. All of his energy has been redirected to his wit. Not to mention his boyish laugh that reeks of something mischievous.

Jake: Doesn't live there but is pretty much a permanent installation. He will top anything outlandish you might have to say with that crazy look in his eye. A father to innumerable bonsai trees that he takes care of as his if they were his own children. His dancing is something out of this world. Lending his genius to our weekly seminars.

These guys are pretty awesome and entertaining. Even if they do distract me at church on occasion. Thanks for being dudes and for being you.

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