Wednesday, May 07, 2008


As of late, I have been reflecting a lot on the wonderful people in my life. My family is pretty major faction of that. But I feel as if my family has been extended to include some pretty amazing friends within the past couple years. The kind that don't require a lot of maintenance but love you and take care of you as you do them. Just like family.

This has all been reiterated lately as I watch some friends befall some hardships and see how our little family rallies around them. None of us are alone. We are taken care of. We are our brother's keepers.

When one such friend had a particularly heinous day and substantiated breakdown, all it took was a quick call and a text. And we all were there. To console. Pontificate. Laugh. Cry. And eat lots of crap and drink lots of coke. Sitting on her floor for hours working out the complexities and simplicities of life. All unique in our personalities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and life experience.

These are the biggest influencers in my life at present. And I love them.

Ang: She may make fun of me but never gets fed up with my silliness. She has given me more rides than I can count, and consoled the nonsensical anxiety attacks so selflessly. There are people that come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I think she falls into all three categories. The kind of friend that I don't think I could ever get rid of. And she's not getting rid of me anytime soon either. Has about the biggest heart I have ever seen in a person. And is one of the most entertaining people I know.

Sallee: A powerhouse of a person. I didn't know her until we were roommates, but she never ceases to amaze. Always taking on new adventures and taking good care of the people around her. Patient to an amazing degree. She knows just what to say when I need to hear it. Is an amazing cook, and person. When I moved in and was a little bit of an emotional wreck, she bore it well. And didn't bat an eye when I welled up over her proclamations of "your hoots look great in that shirt". And I am so happy for her and her pending nuptials.

Nic: We lived together for a short summer in Provo at a time when tensions were high in our little condo. We clicked and full filled certain needs for each other at that time. When she moved close her family and my phone broke, we fell out of contact. I seriously used every avenue I could to find her, but to no avail. It was an odd day that I took a huge detour from work to run an errand and she was playing hooky with family from her new job (now back in Utah) that we crossed paths at a mall. What are the odds. We now live together again. And I love her.

Maren: Maren Maren Maren who says I never mention her on my blog. Maren. I don't know anyone who is so fiercely loyal to the people in her life. She takes care of everyone and manages a high stress job and is so hardcore physically, creatively, and in her coolness factor that it makes my head spin. She intimidated me for some time for all these reasons. And her beauty. And then I realized that her hardcoreness extended to her friendships and we are tight.

Em: We work together, we now live together. She cracks me up. I feel like our friendship is very sisterly in nature. She is my rock at work. And keeps me sane. Not to mention that we share a passion for diet cokes and bargain shopping. We are ridiculous together and it makes my day. Everyday.

Amy: We were instant friends. Kindred spirits if you will. She is a striking beauty that cares for her friends and has consented to live in our house when Sallee gets hitched. Something that always testifies of a good friendship. Someone that knows you, the good parts and bad, and still wants to live with you. She is a good snuggler and is there for you at a moments notice. I love those fast friends.

Aliah: This miss understands my neurosis and kisses them away with her beautiful lips. She kisses the people that she likes. And has no idea how adorable and gorgeous she is at the same time. Knows how to make me feel good about myself. There is something sultry about her that draws people in. And I love when she gets feisty when not being served at local eating establishments. And I love to play with her bountiful braids.

Jess: I believe we are kindred dancers. Adorable girl with an adorable voice and adorable talent. She's funny when medicated and great to go to shows with. Her artistic skills with a camera or sewing machine rival the best of them. She's leaving us for the big apple. Which I think will suit her well.

I love them. Among others. But these are my girls. A group that continues to expand and evolve. Much like a family. They are VIP's in my family.


Rachel said...

It is nice to meet your friends. Nice to meet you, friends!

Ms. White said...

i'm weeping already. thank you for the kind words lovely! i can't wait to dance with you on friday!