Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sometimes I'm juvenile

The other night I enjoyed a blissful evening of relaxation and sloth watching movies, and eating dinner in my friend's bed. It was a night like unto what dreams are made of. Only one problem: every, say, 15 minutes, there was a muffled sound which was immediately followed by Ang (I will not use her full name so as to not reveal her identity) meekly expressing her apologies. But never fear. The flatulence was not of the silent OR deadly variety. Just really audible. The gaseous emissions continued throughout the evening and sparked much laughter and giggles.

Much later, as we were preparing to leave, Ang was getting her shoes, and I was taking one last sip of the remnants of my DC. As I slurped she stood there, concentrating until she suddenly exclaimed, "Oooh Nooo, can't do that, I'll crap my pants...." I in turn began to spray DC but contained the contents of my mouth before making any real mess. But I couldn't swallow. The urge to belly laugh was too intense. So instead, I stood doubled over trying with all my might to keep my DC from emerging from my pursed lips. It was hard. One of the hardest things that I have ever done in my life. The self control it required was immense. So immense that my body was intent of getting noise out in any way it could. If it couldn't be laughter, than it was left with only one alternative. To mimic the noise that Ang had been making all evening.

In essence, I forced it out the other end.

Which forced the spitting of my DC finally back into my cup (there was no other option) and intense laughter. Coupled with tears.

The end.

**my apologies go out to grandparents or anyone else who may be concerned about the contents of this post. I really am quite lady like.....and how could I NOT use that picture? Really.


Angie said...

This "Ang" person sounds intelligent, beautiful and ladylike. Can you pass that along to her? Thanks.

Spencer said...

This is foul.

Amanda said...

Maybe this will help:)