Friday, February 29, 2008

This ones for you

I arrived at work this morning to find this article sitting on my desk. Thoughtfully delivered by our office manager to all the single girls in the office. He later made the rounds to take credit for placing the article and told me that I may as well take advantage of this, because it only happens once every four years........................................................ and I'm not getting any younger. Which, to his credit, it's true. I mean, I'm not getting any younger. Yet. That's pretty much a scientific impossibility. (Give em a few years, they're working on it). So after much (37 seconds) of thought I have come to a very important conclusion. Today is my day, I might as well embrace it. And seeing as how I am one of 2 single girls in my department (the other who happens to live with me....we're pretty much certain that the office assumes we are involved. And we do whatever we can to encourage that belief), I (or we, my significant other and I) are the disgrace of the office. Time is wearing thin. The other girls are parading about with their pregnant bellies, pending nuptials next month, the month after, and the month after that, and the purchasing of new condos with their boyfriends. I obviously need to step up (Step Up 2 The Streets I mean). Just imagine what comes next being expressed whilst I break dance in the rain, scantily clad, of course. I mean, who doesn't want a proposal from a woman with dancing skills?

So here goes nothing, for all you single men out there, I want to look long and hard at this picture and imagine that it is me on bended knee and you with the swanky kerchief in your pocket................because after much consideration of our devotion towards one another, not to mention the endless reading of blogs, online communication, and countless tears of joy and sadness, I think I am ready. Ready to give my heart and soul, to YOU. Yes you, if you would only have me, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, through the bad blogs and the good. Will you marry me?

Any takers?

Now nobody can ever say that I didn't try. Because I did, I was just bearing my soul back there, really put it out on the line. I feel so vulnerable.
The office manager will be so proud. And will probably take credit for our union. But who cares, as long as we are together.


stace said...

I do.

Angie said...

Yes, I will.

Wait- that wasn't directed at me, was it?

Hobo said...

Report your office manager to HR. Serious. Textbook violation, right there. Check your employee handbook.
Do that, then sue him for all he's worth, get rich quick, and before you know it dudes galore will be lining up at your door bending down on one knee to propose to the sugar mama.

Sarita said...

Oh Ang, you better believe it was directed at you. As well as my married/mother of 2/cousin up there.

And you too my Hobo Barbie.

Should I be concerned that no actual males responded? Did my talk of office lesbian partners turn them off?

Amanda said...

How about proposing to your office manager? Become creepily obsessed with him, and then maybe he'll leave you alone.

I'm looking for a roommate in Montana. Wanna come?

(That was not code for anything, I also am not a lesbian. Just seriously in need of a roommate.
Perhaps I should not have added this comment to this particular post...)

Anonymous said...

Your office manager sounds soo creepy! I hope none of your co-workers read this post, it could do some seriously damage to your relations with them. Don't you have to see these people close to every day?

(Sorry for the late comment.)

Sarita said...

Dear Anon.....

He's not so much creepy as quirky. And to ANY co-workers that may read this (because I know some who may). It is all tongue in cheek. I wish the very best to all of them. But do like to make light of my own situation in comparison.