Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas Every One!

So, lots of wonderful and fuzzy things happened this Christmas-time, and I will mention them shortly. With pictures. However, this is not what I am sharing today. Today's post is more of the irony of mishaps on Christmas day. Not a pity party mind you. It's irony.

Yesterday (which was Christmas day for those you that may have missed it) was great and lazy and fun, but Sarah was feeling a little tired and her stomach was a smidge dodgy. (A term I picked up from a British friend, so make sure you read that in a Bristish accent). But never mind that, I was going to enjoy Christmas with the fam as much as possible before my flight home at 6:55. As I started getting my stuff together, and lamenting having to leave the festivities early, the stomach professed it's anger over the intake of Christmas goodies. Although I really didn't partake of much. And only joked about having a glass of red wine (which was used for cooking) with Christmas Eve dinner. I promise. I make it to the airport, read for awhile, get on the plane (which was all but empty) and settled in for the short flight. Which was miserable. My body was hating me for one reason or another. But never mind that. I get off and am a little dizzy. Make my way to the baggage claim while calling a friend about my ride home. She had gotten in a car accident an hour earlier. Told her not to worry about it, I would find other means. It was then when I started seeing large black spots, followed by white ones, and I knew what was coming couldn't be good. I was standing on the people mover at this point and knew I at least needed to get off, if nothing else. I walked slowly forward, bracing myself, stepped off the conveyor belt and made one step to the right, where I collapsed to the floor and put my head between my knees before the serious passing out started. Just glad I didn't actually fall. The funny thing is, no one seemed to notice this spastic girl crouched almost in the way of everyone exiting the people mover thingy. It's one of those moments that you really wish that people would ignore you and not notice, but in all reality, could use some help. I gathered my senses, ripped my coat and luggage off me and eventually made my way to get my baggage and contacted another lovely friend to pick me up. She did so, informed me that her grandmother had passed away that morning, which made for a sober Christmas in her family. Bless them.

Got home, was ready to collapse into bed, when I lost probably everything eaten in the last 48 hours. (I'm sure you are all enjoying this). Cuddled in with my new electric blanket, compliments of Santa, or my parents, and made it to work today at the early hour of 12 noon.

I guess this all this fascinates me because 1) I was feeling like a big baby, and the whole passing out thing and the other thing validates my not feeling well. 2) Because I don't do the other thing, ever, seriously, once in the last, say 15 years, and 3) Merry Christmas everyone!

So who passes out in the airport on Christmas day? Sarah, that's who.


$teve said...

I hope that you're feeling better today. I would've helped you in the airport...but I'm sorry that happened. Merry Christmas to you too!!!

SummerChild said...

Sarah! I would've helped you! You poor dear. Feeling better? While Christmas is amazing, and the goodies amazing, i think I have eaten myself spherical and will come home with major digestive problems myself-- but for the remaining few days, i will enjoy what I can. merry christmas!

LuLuBelle said...

Santa (or your parents) are glad you at least had a warm electric blanket to warm you. Think of it as a hug.

Britten said...

And a merry late Christmas to you!

I apologize for my absense around these parts lately. Christmas kicked my arse this year. So bad that I, too, got the flu and was down for like 3 days. But I read through and got all caught up in happy Sarita Land. I loved it all but especially your post about music and the videos. They totally took me back to my Froshman year at BYU, 1994, sitting around Jess and JoLynne's room doing nothing but listening to music. Good times.

You know, reading your blog, feels really like going back to my second home all over again and it's more that way here than in any of your other sister's blogs, even though I enjoy theirs just as much. Why? Well, I think it's cuz they have their own families now and so therefore have evolved and morphed into a mix of Jones and their other half and children but you are pure Jones still. A magnification and mature embodiment of all that we were in our younger years; an independent Jones daughter, free and easy, creative and clever, artistic and amused by the simple pleasures of life. Happy and humorous, confident and real.

Is it really dreadful that part of me just wants you to stay wonderfully single for the rest of your life?

Sarita said...

Thank you all for your love and concern. I'm doing great now.

And Britten, just love love love you our honorary Jones girl.

You too bring me back to Cypress Avenue.