Friday, January 04, 2008


I decided that I should make some resolutions. It all kinda feels cliche, but goals to give you direction are always good, and the new year is as good a time as any. Which may explain the whole idea of new years resolutions (and here I thought I was being some kind of pioneer). I've put much thought into it. Or maybe some fleeting thought, and have come up with some lame little things, and things that I pretty much resolve to do on a weekly basis, so I wanted this to be more general and all encompassing.

So here it is, Sarah is going to Create in 2008.

I am a creative person. Sometimes I doubt the caliber of my creativeness and I let that hinder it, but I am most at home when I am exploring new avenues of creativity and art. It is also something I don't do nearly enough. One of the reasons that I am without degree is because all I wanted to study was art and literature. And I somehow got it into my head that those were not practical ambitions, and so floundered in my practical pursuits due to my lack of passion.

It has so happened that lately, it seems I have been newly surrounded by mind blowingly creative and talented people. They are an inspiration and frankly, an intimidation. But I am determined to stop biding my time. True I have made some great efforts to pursue my photography professionally in the last year. But feel that I have leaps and bounds to make in my artistic exploration. So I will be seeking after that this year. I'm not sure of the logistics just yet. I am thinking there will be classes involved. I want to learn and experiment with different mediums. There may be a blog dedicated to this process. So stay tuned, and give me lots of validating feedback.


Angie said...

You were talking about me, weren't you? I am so so sorry to intimidate you with my extreme creativeness. I will try to be less amazing and creative around you in the future.

Rachel said...

wow, I am excited for what is to come!! I understand only wanting to study art and literature. The only reason I was an English major was so I could get college credit for reading novels, and as a bonus I got professors to give me a reading list of awesome books!!! (they tricked me, though. I had to take pre-college math and physical science. Those are NOT novel-reading classes).

Sarah will create in 2008!!!!

SummerChild said...

Sarah, you will create! I'll validate you all the way. I, too, am attempting to create in 2008, but have only managed to commit myself to January, and see if i can do it (maybe I'll start doing new month resolutions). You are a creative machine! Can't wait to see what is produced!

ThomCarter said...

This is a great resolution. You will do it. You are great.

Kim said...

Go Sarah! I'm excited to see where this takes you!

LuLuBelle said...

Sarah, I totally missed this post. Is it too late to comment? Oh well.