Saturday, December 22, 2007

Observations from the plane

I flew "home" for Christmas last night. I was a nice, quiet flight filled with lots of time in the airport and plane to read the Kite Runner and to think. Sometimes when I have that opportunity, I think some odd things.

For example. As I sat in the plane, looking out at the wing, I noticed a large arrow pointing the rear of the aircraft wear the wing meets the body. The only logical reason I could think of for this arrow would be that it was a direction for proper construction of the plane. The direction in which the wing should be slide into place of the corresponding slot (maybe marked by a letter, but I couldnt see that much from my seat). Not unlike one of those foam glider planes. This observation made me feel very secure.

Our flight attendant seemed to be channeling the late Sprockets sketch from SNL. His accent was not unlike that of the original, his glasses, his hair, his black turtleneck and vest with silky backing that is apparently the uniform for Delta attendants. Even his smarmy remarks that only he laughed at over the overhead speakers.

I also found it interesting as we prepared for descent and I could start to make out some of the neon signs down below, how much nostalgia these sparked in me. Lee's Liquor, and Casino, and XXX shouldn't do that for a girl. But they sorta reminded me that I was home. In the family sense.

So now I sit at my mother's desk with a cat on my lap and 3 dogs at my feet (not all belonging to the parents mind you, we are babysitting for my sister). And I have never felt more loved. By glutton for attention animals that is. But I can relate to that sort of gluttony, so I will take their affections, and give them mine. It all works out well. Thanks for cuddling with me in my bed last night Frankie.


beans said...

I still think of "home" for you as being in CLovis...even though it's been so long. Hope you have a great and warm christmas. Glad you and Frankie have a nice relationship.

Sneakers said...

Animal attention is where it's at. I got home yesterday and Ellie and Bentley were probably the most excited members of the family to see me.

Rachel said...

I'm glad the plane was put together correctly and you made it safely. Hug my nieces and throw a ball for the dogs for me.

A S H O L I N A said...

Yay for neon lights, XXX and Casinos being associated with "home." Home is where the heart is, they say, and as long as we love where we are, that's all that matters, huh? I'm sitting in our living room, strewn about with wrapping paper, a sister crocheting, all 3 in our PJs and do absolutely nothing. This is home as well. So lovely. :) I'm glad you're across the highway - we're going to a movie sometime and I think you should come! I'll call you! :) Much love and Merry Merry Christmas.

A S H O L I N A said...

Did I mention we're watching "Emma"? For the second time in two days. Sisters, home and Nevada. Love it. ... And Mr. Knightly.