Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Have I ever mentioned how my brother in law, the incomparable Matthew, is an importer/exporter? Well, maybe just the importing part. And while I may tell people on occasion that imports potato chips and exports diapers. And that the name of his company is Vandalay Industries. That's not exactly the 100% truth. But he is an importer of fine Teak doors and moldings, unique antiques, and pretty much genuinely cool and quality things. I think it is amazing what he has done so far with Market Road Ltd. and where he is taking it. Just one more thing you can do with a law degree. And I may be bragging a little because I love my family. Even if Matthew does said things like (while trying to think of who he can set me up with) "What is your type anyway Sarah?" and I respond, "I don't know anymore," he follows up with a "Breathing?". Thanks brother.

What I think is equally as amazing is the tendency for entrepreneurial pursuits in this family of ours. Dad always has different projects in the works, whether it's working on his private investment services with jonespro.net, consulting in business development, or working with such non profit industries in central or south america (his love) as the Industry of Liberty and Democracy (ILD) based in Lima, Peru. Apart from all this, he has consistently aided and spearheaded the excursions started by my dear grandparents to tour the ruins of Latin America. Leading large groups in unique adventures to Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru. Not to mention the involvement my mother has in the planning, executing, and actual traveling part of Adventure Walkers trips.

Brother in law, Ryan, has for several years worked hard on his own businesses doing marketing for newspaper corporations and supported his family as such. Ever adapting to changes in the market and companies.

And then my mom and sister in their own consignment efforts, all little business women themselves. Brother in law, Jared is out in left field being a scientist and doing cancer research. Really don't know where he came from. :)

And then myself, I think I take after my dear father. For about a year and a half I have been doing my own professional photography. It's been slow going and sometimes terrifying and stressful, but great. In fact, I just shot a small wedding this last weekend in the home of a coworker. Several months earlier, I had taken pictures of the bride, her fiance, and the four children they have between them. Great little family. They had the pictures everywhere in their home, including a rather large one with a prominent position in their front room. It looked good. And I was pleased. Everyone was very complimentary of my work. I needed that something fierce. Every now and then I am convinced that I am kidding myself with all this photography stuff, and then my ambitions are reaffirmed in small ways. And I can see how far I have come since I started (and how far I have to go).

Anyhow, I am proud of my little family. Their creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Even the one who does science stuff all day.

They pretty much rock.


ThomCarter said...

In Jersey, we all know that and some one who is an "importer/exporter" is really working in the Drug Trade. It probably helps that your father has connections in Peru!!



Kellee said...

I think you are an awesome photographer who can one day switch to just taking pictures!! I'll recommend you to lots of people! :D