Friday, December 14, 2007

Breaking News

I was talking on the phone with my mother earlier, and she informed me that she actually updated her blog. So check her out.

My mother is pretty awesome. I was talking to her on the phone while in the car with a couple friends the other evening and she mentioned how she never comments on my blog anymore. Simply because she feels she cant compete with my friends. Those who "make such witty and pithy comments". The funny thing about that is my mother is just that, not only is she beautiful (still mistaken as one of the sisters), but she is also one of the most witty and pithy people I know. And so dang smart. I adore her for these reasons (and you know, the whole giving me life thing, and maybe keeping me alive in my formative years, and passing on the diet coke additive gene, I only hope I got her anti-aging gene as well). She is also incredibly creative. Just check out her blog and you shall see what I mean. Also, Angie insisted that she had to comment seeing as how her own parents don't know how to use a blog. My mom is so now. (But Angie's parents are great as well).

My favorite mom quote as of late: It's all so bass ackwards.......I mean ass are you supposed to say that? I didnt mean to say ass!

Love you Mom.


Death? said...

I think both "bass ackwards" and "ass backwords" work in their own particular context.

inate(pig latin, figure it out) said...

I am really quite surprised and maybe a little dissappointed that my older sister would use such language. What a potty mouth!

Sarita said...

I think it is really sad that it took me so long to figure out your name Auntie Tina.

In my defense, I was tired, and hadnt read the comment yet.

LuLuBelle said...

I'm a little behind (no play on words)on reading comments. orrysay inate. At least it got a comment from you! (ooye urkerblay!)