Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sometimes I blog to keep sane

And one of those days is today. Between the mad preparing of legal demands, and speaking with clients on the phone, and pleading with providers to please please please send the records that I have requested 3 times, I blog.

It's a stressful week. Much to be done. But as a kind lady assured me this morning, it's stressful, but I am being proactive and can handle it. Which I know. I've just had a few tearful moments. I was going to say solitary moments. But that's not quite it. I hold it together quite well when it's just me, myself, and I. It's when people make me actually talk about it that I get weepy. Which I hate. I hate being a needy person. I'm not always, but have been.

There are things that help though. Like being told that I would make a marvelous trophy wife, not that I would want that, or want a man who wants only that, but that I could. Which is nice to hear, even when I don't exactly believe it, but need reminders that someone might someday find me attractive enough inside and out to actually do something about it. Someone with whom I might be able to reciprocate the feeling. I have a theory that it takes that kind of someone to actually understand and love me for me and not for who they think I am. Which seems to be the case more often than not.

My eyes are tired, but I'm being productive here at work. I went to bed and actually slept at a decent hour last night, after having worked until around 8:30pm. And woke promptly at 4am. And am exhausted. But it's a new day and I'm taking care of business and working over time. Yet again. So watch out.


ThomCarter said...

Just a quick shot out to tell you that I think that you are great in many ways.


$teve said...

Happy Halloween!!! Sorry you still weep at times...and if there's any way that I can help, just let me know. Even if it's just for a quick laugh. I'm at least good for that.

P.S. Trophy wife? I think that you're selling yourself at wholesale there. I've been reading your blog for a while...and you have so much more to offer than looks alone...but you are really really hot too. :) Have a great day!!!

Rachel said...

FYI, I think you are hot, too. But there is so much more to you than hotness. There is sensitivity and style and creativity and style and photography and style and ribbon dancing with panties hanging out (she was like 8 years old, so stop imagining, boys), and friendship and Auntiness and style. Will you marry me?

Sarita said...

Aww, I didnt realize that post sounded so pathetic. I didnt mean for it to be. I guess I'm not good at masking my emotions.

But thank you one and all. I just thought the trophy wife comment amusing, because I do not see myself as fitting in that category in appearance. Plus, I can't play tennis worth anything.

And thanks for the style props Rach. And for mentioning the ribbon dancing. I really want to get that on some digital format so I can share it on the internet. I think it would be quite entertaining. I caould be a YouTube star!

But thank you thank you thank you.

Perdy said...

People should read this.