Thursday, November 01, 2007

Aaaaahhhh (sigh of relief, as opposed to a frantic yell of distress)

New month, which means I'm starting all over here at work, and have 30 days to get my stuff together to meet the end of month deadlines. October is finished, and even though I didn't do quite as well as hoped due to some last minute hiccups, it feels good. The month is new and I am determined to get an early start. So I can deal with actual life that I had been neglecting this week.

For example, did I tell you how my parents set me up? Yeah, it hasn't come to fruition yet, but happened a little something like this: Parents went on mission reunion trip to Mexico with Grandpa and his missionaries. One of the couples got a long really well with them. The couple has a son who is 27 and lives in Utah. And is single. And apparently goes to lots of obscure "jazz" concerts with his friends. My parents told them that I do too. Jazz? I mean, I'm not opposed to it, but that's not exactly accurate. Which leads me to believe that maybe his concerts aren't of the "jazz" variety either. His parents want to set us up. Mom tells them that "Sarah doesn't really like it when we do that". So instead, she gives one of the bracelets that she bought in Mexico for my sisters and me to his parents. Who are in turn giving it to their son. Who will have the assignment to deliver it to me.

I know. Now Mother, I really don't mind that much, because, well, you know that I am perhaps the most laid back person on earth. I mean, I didn't put up a fuss when Dad created a profile for me on an online singles site. So I'm not up in arms or anything. A friend remarked that the guy wouldn't qualify simply for having participated in such a ruse. I don't have such strong feelings (see: perhaps the most laid back person on earth), but really do see her point.

Not to mention how my roommate was set up with the son of a couple her parents met on their mission. Who had greasy unwashed hair, long fingernails, ate with his fingers, which he licked as well, and she paid for both their meals. (I think that is pretty accurate Nell, although I may have exaggerated a tad). But she is getting married in December, so maybe that experience helped in that achievement. You never know.

All of that aside. I was informed that he is good looking (if he looks anything like his parents). And so I will play along and do my best to satisfy his parents wishes to become familial relations of my grandparents. But I make no promises. Even if he is good looking.

Love my parents. (Who really aren't the meddling sort. I just think the situation humorous. But I'm starting to wonder if maybe they want me to get married).


LuLuBelle said...

Sarah, I was just trying to save on postage...if you make a new friend in the process...well you can never have too many friends.

$teve said...

Your dad made a profile for you? That would be awkward. I can imagine what my mom would put on my profile - "Tall, sweet, funny, hung like a horse, can cook, clean, his kiss cures cramps, he's like a Jesus pornstar." Sorry, but that's really what she'd put. It explains a lot about me. She knows how to play to a crowd. :)

Anyway, good luck with your date. Hopefully it's a great and memorable experience for the better.

ThomCarter said...

This is the number one reason for senior missionaries.

Marie said...

I sympathize with the eye-rolling. I don't like blind dates either, though heaven knows I need all the help I can get. My mom's friend supposedly set me up for this weekend, but Mystery Guy has yet to call, and if he calls Friday night, I'm saying "no" on principle.

I hope yours is dreamy, with a buttery voice and a kiss that cures cramps. :)

Oh, and if my parents registered me on an online dating service without my knowledge, well...I'd have to find new parents.


lovestrong said...

I was setup recently. And I was surprised because it went well and he said, "we'll have to do this again." And I made it clear (wasn't forward or creepy about it) I was interested.

Haven't heard from him. Whatthehellever.

Britten said...

Well, good luck with that. At least you'll get your necklace - sheesh :)

There goes those parents trying to pawn you off again...

Go see my pottery barn blog - I'm quite proud of myself.

SummerChild said...

I have to cay, that was pretty creative of your parents. If nothing else, at least it'll be a good story, and hey, isn't that what dating is all about anyway?

Rachel said...

Where's my bracelet? Is it going to be delivered by a dreamy guy too?

Potcherboy said...

Rachel--I'll deliver it whenever your mom sends it to me.
--dreamy guy

stace said... reality you really aren't have eternity to be married so being single for a little while can actually be seen as a blessing.

ThomCarter said...

When my father tries to set me up on blind dates, I tell him that he has to pay . . . then I over charge him.

Win - Win as far as I can see!