Monday, October 29, 2007


Movember is just around the corner, and I can just feel the excitement mounting now. I can't wait, as this just might be my favorite new month of all time. For all of you possibly unaware of the month of Movember, well, it's actually November. With an M. In honor of Men's Health and the international campaign to make it cool for the macho man to be the health conscience man as well.

I learned about this great cause from a man with whom I dined last evening at a dinner party to top all dinner parties. We discussed politics, (namely the politician Stephen Colbert), and socially conscience issues, like whether or not the owner of facebook is an idiot for not selling for the disputable billion dollar offer by yahoo. And Movember. In which men are encouraged to grow a moustache (or a "mo") to increase awareness. It is supported by such celebrities as our dear moustached friend, Mr. Tom Selleck (who I fondly like to remember as Magnum PI). So the supporters will be in in good company of great moustaches. Only, be careful if you go searching for pictures of Magnum online, because you may discover images of him lounging in the nude. Which wasn't my intent.

Additionally, I was informed that this is not only for the men, but us females can participate as well. Seeing as how I am referred to as the hairless cat by my sister, I said I would try but could make no such guarantees in regards to the growing of a mo personally. But apparently I can lend a hand by encouraging the men around me to do so. So grow a mo men. And be healthy. And I promise I will think it looks hot. At least through the month of Movember.


$teve said...

Odd. On November first, I'm actually planning on shaving my facial hair. I guess I may have to keep it for another month to spread awareness. :)#

Britten said...

Magnum P.I. rocked my socks back in the day. Nekkid Tom? I imagine that would be very hairy...blech :p

ThomCarter said...

No facial hair for me . . . but I will watch Las Vegas on NBC. I loved that show when Jimmy Caan was on it but wasn't planning on watching it with Selleck. Now, thanks to this blog, I will do so.

Marie said...

So is it healthy to grow a moustache or something? Because if it is, I'll stop bleaching mine and embrace it :) Viva Frida Kahlo.