Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Some people, of whom I have met repeatedly, never remember who I am. Or ever having met or seen me. Ever. I have come to terms with the fact that I have a forgettable face. Or a generic one. I apparently look like lots and lots of people, and celebrities. Haven't really figgered that one out yet.

But back to the forgetting. I just think it's rude and maybe self centered. Sure, I can be as self absorbed as the next person, but very rarely to I forget someone's face. Maybe I am just a more visual person than most. I tend to remember people I've never spoken with, but have been in close proximity to. And remember every circumstance in which I have seen them. It's kinda creepy and stalkerish really.

Anywho, here are the people that I apparently look like (or the ones I can remember) in no particular order:This is me, in case you didn't know, it's from about a year ago. I am seriously lamenting the loss of my long hair.
Laura Prepone: That 70's show. When she went blond, I found the twin I never knew I had. It's kinda scary really.

Kim Bassinger: I got this one for the first time in junior high when I was in a scene from Fried Green Tomatoes in drama (I don't think I entirely understood the movie at that point). I also didn't know how to do my hair at that point and it was kinda frizzy. Back in the day when Kim was frizzy as well. I'm sure that's what sparked the comparison.

Karolina Korkova: Finally, a supermodel in the mix. It's flattering I suppose. But apparently more than one person thinks we are twins. I don't see it so much, and I'm pretty sure I would be the ugly twin in comparison.

Claire Danes: When Boz Lurman's Romeo & Juliet came out I was in high school. And had dyed my hair a dark strawberry blond. I was walking down the hall at school when some girl came racing after me yelling at her friend that I was Juliet. The rest is history.

Gillian Anderson: As much as I would enjoy the relation to Scully (X-Files was a family favorite at our house) I never understood this one. Now I see it a little more.
And whose this striking circa 90's model you may ask: Well, it's none other than my big sister, Jessica. I don't mind this one bit. People have mistaken us for one another quite a bit, not to mention thinking we are twins. We definitely look like sisters, but seriously people. And yes, she was a hot model. In Europe, lived with Molly Simms. The real deal.

I used to have like 15, but can't remember all of them now. I think maybe that I blocked the less fortunate comparisons from my memory. But there you have it. Generic. I also look like just about everybody's sister's best friend's dog's former owner. Or some like combo.

Who do I you think I look most like?


stace said...

I think you look like a beauty queen.

Feel good about your year i got told over and over that I looked like Celine Dion...that is sad. I think they thought it was a compliment, but I have never found her to be an attractive person so it was just another way for them to say I was butt ugly.

I have moved passed that now, thank heavens.

$teve said...

Interesting. You say that you're angered because people don't remember your name. Yet you're an absolutely gorgeous woman who is often mistaken for a wide variety of Hollywood hotties and international runway models. I can see where that might be slightly irritating...but I think that you might be overreacting a bit.

Let's say, for example, you could be about 6'8" (so nobody forgets you) but you bear a striking resemblance to Harry Potter (without the magic) when you wear glasses, Johnny Depp with Downs Syndrome when you grow facial hair, or Sloth from Goonies. Oh...and I forgot to mention that your memory is pretty bad, so it's really embarassing when you can't remember everybody.

I'm sorry that some people can't remember your name...but I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'll try not to forget...ugh Sarita, is it? :)

Left-Handed said...

Me! You must look just like me! I get Claire Daines a lot AND I get Hot Donna from That 70's show too. Whoa, that must make us twins. I have a friend that calls me Hot Donna more than she calls me by my name. I have also heard Lisa Loeb. But most of all I hear that I look just like someone's friend. I think that everyone has a friend that looks just like me. We must have the same generic face.

LuLuBelle said...

I dunno, you looks like a poodle? No that's Isaac. I think you look like Sarah no middle name Jones. And just like your Dad and just like your sis Jess who supposedly looks just like me. Tell me how that one works!!??

Rachel said...

I also vote for Sarah Jones, although Claire Danes is a close second.

ThomCarter said...

I'm not sure, but I have been confused with Kevin James more than once . . . not flattering!

Sneakers said...

I concur with thom. I have been compared to Jon Lovitz and John Belushi. [sigh]

Marie said...

Well, I knew a (very nice) girl named Velvet Titcomb once. I bet if you had your face and her name, no one would forget you.

I think you should count your blessings -- people don't remember my name, either, and when they feel like comparing me to celebrities it's always Miranda Richardson (not bad -- I like her) and Amanda Root, the actress who plays Anne in Persuasion (yes, that would be dried-up, droopy spinster Anne). I can't deny the resemblance, but all the same -- I wish they'd keep it to themselves. Hits too close to home.

Oh, and I have a friend whose family told her she looks like a cross between Drew Barrymore and Stephen Fry. Her FAMILY!

Juls said...

Your top pic is SOO pretty!! And I have to agree with the crazy girl chasing you down in high school, you totally look like Claire Danes!!

SummerChild said...

You look like a gorgeous woman whose name I could never forget.

back when Dawson's Creek started, i was in high school, and I got a lot of, hey, you look like Jen from Dawson's Creek. I didn't think it was that bad, until I overheard people saying how hideous she was. Ah, that was a sweet realization.

Sprmcandy said...

Claire is a beautiful Gorgeous Lady.