Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What I've been up to since the breakup dance

Not that the breakup dance actually happened to me. It was just the last post. You better believe that if it was me I would bust a move and......nothing. Anyone that knows me knows that I am way to nice and lacking in physical aggression to do any damage. This is why my 5'4"ish (how tall are you Nina?) little sister could still take my 5'10" self in a game of basketball any day.

So, recent events that may or may not be worth mentioning:

1. Obsessive cleaning of an apartment that belongs to someone that doesn't know i exist. Don't ask.

2. I gave a talk in church. I felt like I babbled my way through it. Kind friends informed me that I had it all. I was smart (?), funny, spiritual, had scriptural references, and cleavage. I didn't realize I had cleavage. I even checked the cleave situation before going up on the stand. But apparently when I leaned over to place my stuff on the side of the podium, I gave everyone a show. That's one way to get the congregation's attention.

3. A boy told me that I was plenty dainty and always look darling, which tall girls need to hear once in awhile.

4.A coworker is trying to set me up with her friend and showed me his profile on an online networking site. His favorite movie was listed as The Work and the Glory Series. I am such a brat, but that glares to me as incompatibility. I suppose I am evil, but that LDS genre stuff irks me to no end. For once I would like someone to want to set me up with someone who has actual similar interests as me, someone who I would actually be good friends with, instead of someone that happens to be single and taller than myself. I just think people don't get what this is all about. Maybe I'm being rash.

5. I will be going to Vegas with friends to the Vegoose festival where I will get to see Daft Punk (and my family) and dress up in a Halloween costume. Suggestions will be accepted. Later I might curl up and watch the Work and the Glory.

6. On such trip I am looking forward to seeing the pets almost as much as the family and little man Jonas. Jack, Roxy, Frankie, and Bailey Girl, here I come. I miss them.


$teve said...

There should be more cleavage in church. Attendance would be up, that's for sure. :) Enjoy your time by yourself. It'll get you ready for the next relationship.

Mikie said...

Work and the Glory series eh... can't say that I've seen them, but I'd still say that's a compatibility red flag. Or what about a yellow flag like they use in football for penalties? Said social networking site should implement yellow flags to toss at people who deserve them.

Left-Handed said...

Hmm, I guess that one had to be sitting in the live of view to see such voluptuousness on Sunday. I didn't see it and I was paying attention.

Rachel said...

You have a rash? I LIKE the work and the glory movies (okay, so they're not my favorite, but they could have been on the day that I saw them!)
Try not to get in the middle of an animal fight in vegas. It is not as easy to avoid as you might think. And don't attempt to take any of the animals out on a leash, or the neighbor may cuss you out from her porch for "tormenting" all the other dogs in the neighborhood. Trust me. Oh, and thanks for the pants at mom and dad's house. I know you don't know I took them, but I did. And when I went to iron them last night, I discovered Gidget hair on them. (They look really good on me, by the way).

I know you exist and my house needs cleaning. Hint, hint. (explanation--please?)

Sneakers said...

Ewww... the work and the glory. "LDS" music, film, and fiction. A friend phrased it thusly: "barnacles on the hull of the Church."

Angie said...

The church is true- the work and the glory is fictional.

I'm just saying.

Existing is overrated. Take it from someone who "exists", it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Britten said...

I liked the Work and the Glory series...it was interesting and entertaining. But as far as favorites go? Heck no!!!

If THOSE are his favorites I'd say "FREAK" and call it a day.

Sorry to be away from your blog for so long - I feel bad for neglecting my blog babes. It's just that I was reading the Twilight Series and now rereading it and it's taking over my life. I'm clinically obsessed, addicted, possessed, you name it. I'm sick with it. I need help!

Catch the scoop in an upcoming blog...

ThomCarter said...

I know that you are running to be the Mayor Of Cleveland, and bearing it in Church is one way to get votes.

Maybe you should use campaign as something in your halloween costume?

Kim said...

I love that comment by Sneakers above : "barnacles on the hull of the church"....that made me laugh. It's great!

HOWEVER...let me just say that sometimes people just think those are their favorite movies when they don't know anything else. Let's face it - - it's better than finding out his favorite movie is something full of chainsaws, ice picks and serial killers! right?

it's good...you might even make a new friend - one that you can enlighten to other great media.

have a very fun trip to vegas.

Marie said...

Love Sneakers's comment, and while I'm sure Kim's open-minded advice is very Christian -- I dunno. Those fixer-upper options are always a bit chancey. In ten years from now you might find yourself next to Hubby on Friday date night cringing your way through Casserole Cassanova (sequel to Baptists at our BBQ), just to keep the marital peace. A sort of waking death.

Hobo said...

You'll never know you're compatible as friends or more until you get to know him. I agree with Kim. Sometimes it's about wanting to be nice and make friends with good people, and not about a religious obligation or future projection.