Monday, October 01, 2007

The Break-Up Dance

It's all the rage right now. At least it was in our house last night. As one of us had just been broken up with while slow dancing. To the soundtrack of Harry Potter. That's all I'm sayin.

Well, one more thing. We did all come to the conclusion that although this version was slow and intimate (which is why the breakup was strange), the break up dance must be where the break dance originated. Sally demonstrated some killer break dance moves that easily could have been derived from an elbow to the face, knee to the groin, ball change combination. Except that you don't see much ball changing in today's break dancing. Evolution is evident in all art forms.

(Am I just juvenile or anyone else laughing at the ironic choice of words there? Not intentional. I may be childish enough to laugh at it, but no so much to intentionally write it. Or at least admit to intentionally writing it).

Still, it makes perfect sense. The floor break dancing that easily could have been used to take out ones opponent/dance partner/former love interest out at the knees? Simply a quick swing of the legs while spinning on ones head? Does the trick every time.

My only concern here is that the founding father's of the breakup dance would be sorely disappointed to see it executed as a deceiving slow dance embrace. And to Harry Potter's waltz no less. Cultural icon as he might be, Harry Potter will be the downfall of the break-up dance as we know it.

I'm not sure what any of that really meant.


SummerChild said...

wait. who broke up?

Mikie said...

From the Goblet of Fire score? Gorgeous music. Sucky way to break up.

I can't help but think of Zoolander. "They're break dance fighting!"

Sneakers said...

Breaking up while slow dancing? Ouch.

ThomCarter said...

The kind of guy that would dump a girl during a slow dance deserves a ball-change.

Class-less. The typicall "I'm going to do this in public so no one can express their feelings."

Stay classy San Diego!

Marie said...

I take it this breakup dance is a YouTube phenom? I shall have to find me a non-lame computer and look it up....Or did you just make it all up?

How precisely would your evil subconscious side prefer to change said balls? Kick them across the room?

Or maybe you could content yourself with a nice shuffle ball change combination. Rearrange those babies to a snappy beat.

Sarita said...

Oh Marie, this came strictly from the minds of my house-mates and myself. There are also lyrics that we turned into a song to be break danced to. But those get a little personal.

I'm sure the shuffle ball change could be executed in a variety of combinations.

Yes, Zoolander had it right with the break dance fighting.

beans said...

From a dancer, I think that you should start the trend. Break ups should be done with a break did originate from street fighting and such...breaking up would just be better if there wasn't some emotional close holding slow dancing going on...but rahter some way cool moves that you could then knock out your new ex with when they "break" the news to you.

ThomCarter said...

It could be like in the Beat It or Bad videos. Michael Jackson new about Dance Fighting, and you can just take it the next step.