Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sometimes I'm sicky

But not today. Has anyone ever been really sick, and lost several days to sleeping and incoherency and tried to get themselves going and showering and junk? But the one trip you made to the dr's office and the pharmacy totally wore you out? And though you missed a couple/few days of work, you were justified, because you were definitely not well? And then you come back feeling semi-recovered (ie: not hacking up a lung and other pretty stuff) and suddenly wonder if you are the biggest baby ever? Especially when I'm in loopy state and bored and start texting people that I'm dying, and their response is "dying of a cold?"? I feel like a baby.

I do that. In fact, I did it today. I mean, everyone's getting sick these days. It's the new black. And other people seem to cope. What's my major malfunction? It makes me feel better when I do things like go to church and people ask what's wrong with me. When I actually do go to work, and my boss tells me that I'm pale (not a big change from the norm, but still), when I'm feeling somewhat better, and my housemates tell me that I look better and that they were worried about me (pretty much all of whom have been sick themselves).

So pretty much the purpose of this here post to to justify my being a sick needy girl. Needing my bed more than anything, and meds that make me stop coughing and my head stop burning. And good books to entertain when I wake up once every 12 hours.

But I'm back, and almost at full strength. Roar. And may even eat a full meal later. Good sign.


$teve said...

Get well soon. Might I recommend the ancient recipe of my people...the European Mutts - It's chicken soup, Sprite, & maybe some of that Vick's Vaporub. It's couldn't hurt.

ThomCarter said...

Sick = No fun. You have every right to want simpathy. It is good to have people who notice and want to take care of you.

I am glad to hear you are feeling better.

Rachel said...

Sorry that you were so sicky. Happy that you have both lungs intact. Love you.