Wednesday, September 12, 2007

For Nina, almost on her birthday

I'm a day late and a dollar short. Always. And Forever. Without my Nina. It is still strange to me that my little sister is married. And a beautiful mother. Doing wonderful mother things. I adore our short conversations consisting of you trying to get Jonas to moo into the phone for his Auntie Sarah. I love what you are doing with your life.

Four years my junior, we were always close. Even when we got in nasty fights including clawing and hair pulling that you, the petite little vixen, usually won. You were always more aggressive than your amazon sister. Could take me in basketball any day. In some ways, the big sister. Always independent in thought and action. Your talent in all things that you try your hand at marvels me. The music you make (even though you never practice) on that violin takes me home. I miss those Saturday mornings when I was bored and you still asleep, jumping into your bed. I miss our trips to Santa Rosa and El Torito. I miss you in my day to day life.

The image of you that Saturday morning in the kitchen after your first official date with Matthew is engraved in my memory. I asked in an annoying older sister tone, teasingly, if you had kissed him. You rolled your eyes as I turned to pour milk in my cereal. I turned again to find you grinning helplessly over your own bowl. Trying to hide your giddiness over what I realized almost immediately was the perfect man for my little sister.

Your support in my endeavors is invaluable to me. Your wit and beauty makes me proud. To be your sister.


christina said...

Thank you, Bear. You are making people cry right and left today. I feel ya, Sallee. And thank you for the birthday ode.

I miss you so much every day! I even dreamed the other night that you came to visit and you decided that you weren't going back to UT, and I was really happy, but I was really sad because I didn't want you to leave your awesome friends there.

Thank you for always caring so much, being my best friend, and always laughing at my silliness and making me feel smart and funny.

I like the way you roll.

Kim said...

happy bday Christina!

it was sweet to read what you wrote girls are so beautiful inside and out.