Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pity party over

I'm sick. Well almost well, but still sick. Sick of being pathetic. Of excusing myself. Of being despondent. Of making promises that I can't keep, which leads to lame excuses. Of my room being a disaster (my vain attempts at order have been nothing more than futile). Of stressing out at work so much that I am too overwhelmed to be really productive. Of things like our phones and fax going out which only compounds the need to stress. So it's over. All of it. Done. Finito.

So. I'm happy. And dare I say go lucky. And am listing the reasons I have to be so.

1. Tomorrow I get to go to Vegas. To see my dear family. All my sisters will be there. I was just talking to my Nina Nina pretty ballerina on the phone this afternoon and can't wait. (see her hot new hair cut here.....this is a big deal, the girl has had gorgeous long hair that I have coveted since it grew out of the bowl cut of circa mid-eighty-something or other).
2. On said trip, I will get to see all my nieces and nephews. Which now number 6. One of which I have never met. Lots of pictures will be taken, and baby talk coupled with ridiculous expressions will abound.
3. I am feeling considerably better. My co-workers probably aren't enjoying the occasional cough that sounds less then healthy, but it's much much better.
4. I am buying a car. What car I don't know, but the goal is, within the next four days, I will be a proud owner of a vehicle that is not mangled and will not throw a rod from the engine anytime soon. Fingers crossed.
5. I bought new jeans with a giftcard from a very lovely and patient cousin and cousin-in-law. I love giftcards. No guilt shopping. And I needed new jeans. And they actually fit.
6. I have plans to clean my room tonight. And nothing and nobody will get in my way.
7. I have been a flake recently due to breakdowns, and sickness, but no more excuses or self deprecation. I'm taking care of business and working over time. So watch out.
8. I got back into the habit of reading. And once I start, there is no stopping me. I started Harry Potter again. Book 4, and then skipped over to the Twilight series. I'm almost done with Eclipse. I plan to finish the Harry Potter books, and then moving on to something that does not include witches,wizards, vampires, and the like. Although I like all those before mentioned things.
9. I have superdeeduper people in my life. Ranging from parents who love me, sisters who are supportive and my best friends, adorable children, fun and wonderful friends that enrich my day to day, and even some bloggers that aren't so bad.
10. I have concert tickets for the following upcoming shows: Arcade Fire (I am really excited for this), Regina Spektor (and this), and Tori Amos (her too).
11. I am a Child of God. And He is so very patient with his children. This I know.

And lots of other things that are deep and important, but I have to get to work because I am happy and productive now.


Rachel said...

I'm so excited to see you!!!!! Keep reading (#8). I need to do that too.

ThomCarter said...

When ever I am sick of being sick, I do what you did . . . I count my blessings.

You are great . . . GR8

Angie said...

So, when you said Nothing was going to get in your way- you didn't mean village inn and silly girl talk? did you? Oops. Hope you got your room clean.

salleejane2 said...

Can I go to Tori with you? How do I get tickets? How did I not know about this?

Dang. Well we'll miss you this weekend

Sneakers said...

"You're not dying, you just can't think of anything good to do!"

"You know what my diastolic is?"

"Be a man, take some pepto-bismol, and get over here!"

Marie said...

Way to pull out of it (though I think as pity parties go, yours was well-earned). As far as room cleaning goes, it's only un-fun when I'm avoiding it. As soon as I start, it becomes all-consuming and very satisfying. Then again, I'm addicted to addictions. Obsessed with obsessions.

I'm halfway through Harry Potter Book 5. Race you to to the end of the series.

Sarita said...

I like you people.

I loved seeing my long lost sister Rachel. Why she had to leave me for the south I don't know.

Thom, yes yes.

Angie, I did get my room clean, no thanks to you. Actually lots of thanks. The Village Inn and girl talk just gave me the strength I needed.

Sallee is now going to Tori with me. Never fear.

Sneakers, don't think I won't recognize a Ferris Bueller quote because I will. Chic-a-chic-kaw.

You're on Marie. And bless you for thinking my pity party well earned. She's a saint people.