Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things that make me go Mmmmm, or just prevent anxiety attacks

I don't know what my deal is lately. It may be work and work (double time). The first work being demanding with a scheduled crunch time at month's end, the second, photography that keeps me super busy (good thing) to the point of a nervous breakdown (bad thing). So I have had to make a few concessions in my life in order to keep my sanity until I get caught up and semi-organized (because fully organized is a fool's dream).

1. After a valiant attempt at lowering the DC intake, I stopped at Sonic on my way to work to welcome the day with a Route 44 DC with lime.
2. I have stopped showering everyday. No worries, I very rarely go more than 1 day and even then it's like 1.5 days.
3. My bedroom looks like a scene from some dooms day movie. Post doom. I just had to let it go. I have really good intentions to take care of that tonight. The same really good intentions that I had last night. But I edited pictures instead. So I wouldn't stress.
4. I've been letting myself sleep in. Work is a little lenient in the 8-10am arrival area. I try not to take advantage of it. But have been doing so.
5. I have watched Pride and Prejudice about three days in a row now (while editing photos). I tried sticking in the BBC version for a little variation. I never realized how much Jane in that one stressed me out. I stopped it after 10 minutes and put in the Focus Films one because a) it's beautiful to my eyes and ears and b) that beauty calms me
6. Gidget the feline has been home due to the fact that I finally got her spayed last week. Problem is that she has been super weird (normal right?) and wants nothing to do with me. I started getting scared after a few days when she still hadn't really eaten and was hiding under furniture and her eyes looked pathetic. The other night I came home and she was waiting at the door. She is now more affectionate than ever. Insists on sleeping stretched out across my chest and neck. To the point that I can't breathe. But I love it. She's going back to her foster home on Monday and I will miss her. I am a strong believer in the calming power of pets.

When concessions have gone too far:
1. Drinking DC in the morning is not going to be good for my healthy eating and general living plan.
2.I started getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Which has never happened before despite my always sleeping with the screen less window ajar. (It's got these old fashioned glass slates that open). I thought nothing of it until it got worse and someone at work mentioned that cleaning could solve that problem. I about hurled when I thought of my gross room and the haven it would be for my flying friends.
3. Not showering and sleeping in is fine in moderation. But when it translates to me not having time to get ready at all and finding the nearest semi clean clothes on the floor, a bad trend follows. One of Sarah not looking or feeling very presentable.
4. Sometimes I can't breathe because Gidget is laying on top of me. And I don't care. Have I lost the will to live? Not quite yet. But breathing could be healthy in warding off anxiety.
5. Excessive viewing of P&P while stressed out and feeling frumpy with tired skin and eyes and a mosquito bite on your face leads you to start relating more to other characters that Lizzy. A couple nights ago when Charlotte is explaining how she and Mr. Collins are in engaged and exclaims "Don't you dare judge me Lizzy. I'm 27, I have no money, and no prospects..." I exclaim "I am 27 with no money and no prospects!" A dear friend pointed out that I have the good sense not to concede to a Mr. Collins however. But still.

Don't worry. I know when enough is enough. Changes are on the horizon. That which was helping maintain my sanity will have to go in order to restore it. Funny how that works.


Matt and Kimberly said...

I love diet cokes from Sonic. They have the best ice!!

Britten said...

Sarah, I so do this ALL THE TIME! Especially when I am heavily into busy season with uniform stuff. It's the only way to deal with the stress. There are days, weeks and months in the spring that I do cheer uniform stuff from the minute I wake up until I go to bed, my house is in shambles, my kids are eating chips and pizza and the baby is eating cat food off the floor, we are recylcing the dirty laundry and I haven't showered in 3 days nor eaten a descent meal. Then when I finally get a moment I'll watch my favorite movie over and over and over. I hide with movies or episodes of Buffy and Angel.

Then after a while I finally snap out of it and say, "I can't believe we are living this way!" And then I try to turn things around although my organization has not been even close to the same since I started this cheer uniform thing three years ago. I have about 20 "piles" around the house right now and my house is small. But I like your little line about being fully organized. I need to blow that one up and hang it above my computer desk.

Falling into ones concessions from time to time is no crime. How would we deal otherwise? In fact, there's beauty in the breakdown. ;)

LuLuBelle said...

I think a DC in the AM is a beautiful thing. And a Sonic DC with lime in the PM is even more special. Especially when you get it at "happy hour" when it's a bargain. I wouldn't see that as a 'concession', it's just a nice thing to do to make your day a little better.

As for cleaning your room...maybe you should tape a line down the middle of your floor and then just clean one half. Throw things from the 'clean' side to the 'dirty' side if you must. Then you can admire your clean side of the room and wait for your little sister to come and clean the other side. Another Sarah I remember from the past used to find this method to work very well.

3-Sometime in the future you may look back and enjoy the accomplishment of beautiful photograpy. Even if your room were perfect it woudln't make a great long lasting memory, unless maybe if you take an awesome photo of it to share with your future children and grandchildren. said...

UMMMMM . . . OKAY . . . when someone starts relating to Charlottee that is when you need to go into crisis mode!!!!!

I guess it could be worse, you could be relating to Lydia and running around trying to steal some jerk of a guy.

But Still - COME ON!!! Snap out of it.

Think of Anne in Persuasion. She is also 27 and has the greatest adventure of her life. Step up and be Anne!!

PS - Again, do not judge this MAN's knowledge of Austen's works.

Rachel said...

I just wrote the greatest comment and it did NOT POST!! So think some inspiring thoughts and pretend they came from me.

Sarita said...

Matterly: Sonic does have the best ice. In fact, I was late to work because the dude in front of me in the drive thru was buying about 50 bags of ice. Frozen balls of heaven.

Britten: I love you. Still, it's hard to believe knowing the house you grew up in. I remember thinking "so this is what clean people look like."

Mom: Leave to my mother to justify my DC addiction. Love you mom. And I will try the tape thing. If only I could get Nina out to Utah to clean the other side for me. Nina?

Thom: I know I am not a Charlotte, and definitely not a Lydia. I have my moments though. I am Lizzy all the way. Just less brave. She has the wittiest comebacks. Thanks MAN.

Rachel: Your comments could be nothing but inspirational. Your presence is an inspiration.

TugBoat ThomCarter said...

So when are we going to friends outside of blog world?

Sarita said...

I dunno. Perhaps when the states keeping Jersey and Utah apart fall into the ocean? Probably then.

Rachel said...

I have been doing this too... with 99 cent pizzas that are the only thing that I am willing to cook... and I have been eating out way more than I normally do. I cried/laughed to my sister on the way to the restaurant tonight, "WHY are so lazy!"